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My names Michael Bilsborrow or Bilge, retired veteran of FFR, I now DJ and make music, check some out https://soundcloud.com/michael_bilge Recently making a comeback on FFR, slowly getting back into the swing of things (stopped playing 2009ish)! Happy the standalone works smoothly now (the reason I stopped playing was because FFR used to glitch all the time and was unplayable) I work from home doing freelance audio production work which means I can play FFR whenever I want also >:)
FFR, music, sleeping, eating, production.
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Mostly Techno, electro house, melbourne bounce, dubstep, hip-hop. Heavy Metal, I appreciate most.
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Posted on: July 19, 2009, at 04:23:36am   [4 comments]
1. Reality AAA
2. Pants
3. Nomina Nuda Tenemus
4. Ketsarku Mozgalom
5. Kidney Stone
6. Frictional Nevada
7. Across Rooftops
8. Adventures Of Lolo
9. Little God Channel
10. Integraation
Comment wall
Sidek writes at 5:14:23pm on 4/8/11
OH Man i have your very old simfiles Gausian Blur 3 its very sweet ;) Nice Job
TC_Halogen writes at 1:05:05pm on 11/30/09
BEAST FGO AAA. Congrats! =D
Jordanlatoa writes at 3:23:58am on 11/25/09
hahahah wtf!? People think you bot? lolol.
Oi any noobs reading this; he does NOT bot, i've seen him play irl and he's incredible.
EAGAMES writes at 11:09:29pm on 9/9/09
Thanks! Just bringing out an old layout that I've had since forever ago.
DossarLX ODI writes at 9:19:15am on 8/26/09
Crap, Rubix AAA'd it before I did HARAGSDSGSGSDGG!!!!!
Bluearrowll writes at 3:59:42pm on 7/24/09
You're a really underground player haha but you're really good o_o
Also I have you beat on Kidney stone and Club by a matter of a couple boos. :D
Nice job in the tournament so far!
LongGone writes at 8:08:33pm on 7/18/09
You're a damn good player =O awesome AAAs
EAGAMES writes at 1:08:23pm on 7/15/09
TC_Halogen writes at 5:15:25am on 7/15/09
Nice AAA on 4CT. =D
TC_Halogen writes at 11:44:17pm on 7/12/09
You should post more in the FFR scores thread--you're a really good player that not many people know about. =O