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LeahEatsDeadBbys writes at 12:21:02am on 10/12/09
Totally. For some reason, I can't finish A Clockwork Orange anymore. I saw the movie, got 3/4ths through the book. And just can't finish it.
LeahEatsDeadBbys writes at 1:39:18pm on 10/11/09
I used to play clarinet. I'm actually leaving right now to my piano lessons. I'm self taught but I'm learning how to compose music now. I'm not really bound to any specific literature. But right now, I'm reading the book "Helter Skelter" about the Charles Manson murders. I also really like the book "A Clockwork Orange" and can relate a lot to the book "Perfect" since I, as you read, have an eating disorder.
LeahEatsDeadBbys writes at 1:20:38pm on 10/11/09
Lol thanks. Yup, you know wassup.
FN_Boski writes at 7:33:45pm on 6/4/09
Oni-Paranoia writes at 4:56:21pm on 5/11/09
hope for the best i assume, maybe it will be better than before
Oni-Paranoia writes at 1:04:09pm on 5/11/09
o damn, at least it will eventually be better ;/
Oni-Paranoia writes at 1:04:24pm on 5/8/09
forever!? or just for the time being...?
Oni-Paranoia writes at 12:10:06am on 5/5/09
its gettin betta somewhat, new gf, drama wit the old gf etc
Oni-Paranoia writes at 9:09:26pm on 5/3/09
pfft stupid drama.. killing me
Oni-Paranoia writes at 1:50:15pm on 4/4/09
Girl problems >.>