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Posted on: March 22, 2020, at 12:21:26am   [0 comments]
I'm back after taking a forever amount of years break.

I'm currently in a FFR binge so, if I see you around, yay!
Happy smashing, everyone!
Posted on: December 25, 2013, at 10:57:25am   [0 comments]
Posted on: June 26, 2013, at 02:51:27am   [3 comments]
I love my boyfriend more than anything. I feel so safe around him. I love the feel of him holding my hands and hugging me. I absolutely loved cuddling with him and falling asleep in his arms.
We've been together for 3years and 3months, today. Actually, we've been on and off for that long. But I don't care. He's my one and only. I would do anything for him, and he would do anything for me(:!
If I was in trouble, I know that he will be there to help me. If he was in trouble, I'll be there for him too. There's nothing that can tear me away from him. And I mean it.
He is my future husband, and I am his future wife. And it will stay that way too.
I wanna say, Happy Anniversary Khalyil. I love you more than anything and anyone. I know you feel the same way too, or at least that's what you told me d:!
I wonder when you'll see this random thought:o!
Love youuuuu
Comment wall
Spade3000 writes at 7:51:14am on 5/21/20
No not really :D Maybe sometimes for nostalgia reasons. But i still have like 50% of my skill left. Doesnt go away that easily :D
Spade3000 writes at 8:49:11am on 5/6/20
Ye hopefully the virus slows down soon too. I mean in most countries I think its getting better. Here its pretty fine. We still have some restrictions but its not too bad. We mainly go to work for a week than have a week free etc.
knuckles2224 writes at 12:23:26am on 5/6/20
Lol oh! You were saying it like he died or something lmao, had me slight worried like damn he was the first person to comment on my profile. And my bad, i got you next time
knuckles2224 writes at 10:56:24pm on 5/2/20
Wait what happened to him? And lmao then my whole life has been a lie.
Spade3000 writes at 7:44:06am on 5/2/20
yea. Well at least im finishing soon so Im safe :D Thats a good thing you are doing but it must be tough during these times. Have to be very careful
knuckles2224 writes at 9:28:22pm on 4/21/20
Last time i was this early Synthlight was still owner of FFR lol, sad boyz. I remember your name though, i remember you being black :p
SKG_Speedometer writes at 11:44:38am on 4/20/20
Understandable, been a really long time I think I remember you. I been on and off FFR since the site went down, been on their back up (forgo the name) and now I am on the Air version so I barely log in on the website.
Spade3000 writes at 5:51:51am on 4/19/20
Yea I wonder how many years have passed lol. Its been great. Finished school. Went to the military. Now will be finishing my 5 years than doing smthing else with my life :D
SKG_Speedometer writes at 2:51:41pm on 4/17/20
Have we met? LOL sorry it has been a long time since I been on FFR's actual page.
Spade3000 writes at 5:23:44am on 4/17/20
Nostalgic person hello :D