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Party Hard
Posted on: July 29, 2013, at 09:57:35am   [0 comments]

New stepchart:


Usatei 2011 - Cool & Create
Posted on: May 5, 2013, at 05:24:10pm   [0 comments]

Just a little chart I've done for pad.

Comment wall
SethColeman writes...
at 3:28:35pm on 6/12/13
I did pad not too long ago (last May or June). KB is my thing now. But pad is cool
SethColeman writes...
at 6:46:37am on 6/12/13
Sup. So, you like FFR?
SethColeman writes...
at 6:28:57pm on 6/8/13
Chocolate Rain writes...
at 12:05:50am on 5/15/13
haha! *hugs back* Crazyiest/silliest/best pony in equestria!
_Rainbow Dash_ writes...
at 1:19:24pm on 5/2/13
practicing my flying tricks for the wonder bolts, and hanging out with my friend ^_^
_Rainbow Dash_ writes...
at 6:10:37pm on 4/29/13
I've been good, just practicing my tricks and hangin' with Fluttershy http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/profile/_Fluttershy_/
_Rainbow Dash_ writes...
at 6:03:13pm on 4/22/13
Haha hiya ^_^
Basil34 writes...
at 7:01:47pm on 4/18/13
Foxes are a pretty close second! :P
Basil34 writes...
at 3:59:11pm on 4/18/13
Bunnies are the best things to hug
Synthlight writes...
at 8:33:01am on 8/29/12
First person to post on your wall.