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Meh name is Talisha. Im 15. I love music. All kinds. My bday is on Oct. 30th day before halloween. I have a very unique personaility so i've been told. Still trying to figure what that means but whatever. I love sports except the boring ones. I play soccer and track. Like meeting new people and learning new music. Listening BOTDF as im typing this :D But yea guess i'll update this later:P Get tah kno meh if you dare ;)
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Fav Music:
A7x(avenged sevenfold) Dubstep Techno Mindless self indulgence never shout never EVERYTHING!!!
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Legendary FFR Master writes...
at 12:00:17am on 6/11/12
Patricoo writes...
at 9:39:57pm on 6/12/11
Heh. You need to find a summer hobby. Laying around is no way to go.
Hollowsan writes...
at 5:29:25pm on 6/12/11
Yay, new friend!
Patricoo writes...
at 11:22:02pm on 6/11/11
Those are two fine choices if I say so myself.
fenixtx writes...
at 2:36:52pm on 6/10/11
Patricoo writes...
at 4:41:26pm on 6/9/11
Horray! A new friend. FFR is how you start summer?
Hollowsan writes...
at 7:04:09pm on 6/8/11
Welcome to FFR! I just joined not too long ago! Hope to play with you soon!
Patricoo writes...
at 8:02:56pm on 6/7/11
Welcome to FFR! We're all friendly people here. :D
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 7:04:24pm on 6/7/11
First person to post on your wall.