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Midnight Wolf, 14. Gold Chakra Holder.
I like to be solitar and listen to music. Draw Watch Naruto and play the Zelda series. . . . . throwing things at ninjas and then running them into a trap. Wolves.....mostly.. ^^
Fav Music:
Linken park, Cascada, Lordi, Love-hate-hero, and the Trans Sibirian Orcistra (bad spelling) and Bon Jovi. and some really dark music..... and others I can't think of.
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Annoyinces (SPELLING.......)
Posted on: December 29, 2007, at 12:58:15am   [7 comments]
-Getting up in the morning....
Being a night walker dosen't help

- people who won't shut up!

- People who CAN'T take a hint..

- Orochimaru

- spiders

- Naruto.

-People who are waaaaay too chipper.... kill them...

- People in general.
I'm not a people person at all.

Ochimaru & Sasuke (spelling...:() UPDATED!
Posted on: December 23, 2007, at 09:34:58am   [5 comments]
Midnight was in her hamic at Ochimaru's place (She lives there, before Sasuke) thinking about the day. Her and Sasuke had to fight each other in training. She loved Sasuke from the first word he spoke, "Hi" was all he said when they met....But today was different. When they where trainning, their curse marks acted up and they almost killed each other. Midnight's real name was Tabi, but she had to change it. "Tak tak tak tak tak" Midnight looked up and saw Sasuke and Ochimaru next to her. She sat up and asked "What do YOU too want..." Sasuke spoke up and said "Tabi fallow me." Midnight didn't tell Sasuke that was her name, yet. So she asumes Kabuto told him...and most likely other things. Tabi looked at ochimaru and glared like she always dose nd stood up and sliped her sanduls on an said nothing as Sasuke turned and startedto walk out of the room. Tabi slamed her heel on Ochmiaru's foot and walked away as he tryed to get her. Tabi put Ochimaru to the ground and ran after Sasuke.

"Sasuke?" Tabi asked, Sasuke kept walking and said "What?" Tabi gulped and asked "Umm...um.. Do you like me at all?" Tabi was extremally nervus now.... She has been training and living with Sasuke for 2 1/2 years now and she has asways wanted to know if he liked her, even though she douted it. Sasuke said nothing and kept walking to a part of the hid out where mot don't go. To many split rafters and beems missing. As the two turned the corner Sauke wirled around and pined Tabi to the wall. She asked "What's going on?!" Sasuke spoke quietly and slowly, thinking along the way, "No matter what they say, ....I love you more than ever." Tabi's heart jumped over and over. Sasuke continued "Ochimaru and Kabuto dose not know this. I thought you where worth less and questionable for nothing, but over time I saw who you really were." Tabi said over wellmed with joy " Oh Sasuke-kon, I thought I liked you for nothing and-" Sasuke pulled her down and drew blood from her arms. Sasuke said "Not Now!!" Tabi knew it was the curse mark. Tabi was THE BEST at healing and hiding in shadows, so she though quickly "Hold still Sasuke." She reached down and touched the curse mark, Sasuke was in stage 2 and not being himself. He punched her hard and leaned back, griping his shoulder, shaking and his eyes turned a creepy red. Tabi hit the wall hard and lost her breath. She got to her knees and Sasuke's skin turned gray and his hair grew. "No... NO!" she yelled as she threw herself on to Sasuke, as he walked back into the hall way. Tabi tryed to pin him like he pined her. It didn't work. Tabi was drained in the begining and runing off of her blue chakra, insteed of the gold chakra (What Ochimaru wanted her for), so she couldn't stop Sasuke from chuking her into the wall, face first. She fell to her back and screamed as Sasuke picked her up by the neck and stabed her with a kuni in the chest. "sa..Sasuke..W-why?" was all she could say and her pulled the kuni out and tossed her doown the hall. Kabuto jumped up and caught her in mid air. Ochimaru ordered him to put he down and tend to her as he camls Sasuke down. Tabi gaged out "I'm-mm fi-ne" "No your not!" Sasuke said as her lunged at her, claws and all. Kabuto and Ochimaru was on gard, but was punched to the ground by over wellming chakra. Tabi pushed her self aside and sunk into the floor. Sasuke fallowed and pushed his way to her and out the door. He slung over his shoulder and booked it through the trees. Faster than Ochimaru could fallow. Ochimaru and Kabuto split up and searched for them. Kabuto thought "If she trys to sumen her curse, Sasuke will sertainly kill her and herness her gold chakra."
Ochimaru thought as he picked up their trail "He wants power and love....He can get both from her.... Oh boy."

Tabi sumened her Curse mark and was in her 1st stage. "Sasuke!!- let go.." she was crying now. Tabi healed her wound and as able to move more now. But Sasuke was geting much WORSE. Tabi touchted his mark and tryed to tap into his mind. Before she got his mind thinking, Sasuke knoked her out. The last thing she saw was, Sasuke coming down with a big windmill star and hear him laughing evilly as he put her back to a tree and sawong his arm back, ready to kill.

The golden force feild apeared at the last momemt of movment. Tabi's spirit was defending her. The wolf chakera was not leting this meat pupet (Sasuke) kill its body... Sasuke hit it again and the force feild shaddered and Tabi was vonerable again. Tabi's eyes shot open as she countered Sasukes next attack. Her eyes glowed bright gold as her eyes for saw EVERY move and she was able to counter act the moves. Sasuke swong fast but Tabi ducked and nailed Susake in the lower daw with a sudiken and then she vanished. She knew where she was going to escape to. She was invited to join the Akatsuki!

Bad time with Dark Link and Sasuke ^^\'
Posted on: December 2, 2007, at 12:41:08pm   [2 comments]
Midnight was talking with Sasuke about life and stuff like that when Dark Link appeared next to her and Sasuke. "Hi Shadow (is nickname)." Midnight said as she leaned close to Sasuke, Dark Link glared at Sasuke and said "Who is this trash?" Before Midnight could move Sasuke had pounced on Dark Link and was choking him. midnight knew this was not going to end well, "What should I do?- I like them both the same...." Dark Link twisted and turned, finally he got his arm free and he punched Sasuke square in the jaw. Sasuke fell back with Dark Link's black hat. Dak Link drew his sword as Sasuke drew his. As the blades crashed Midnight threw some stars t direct their attention, it did not work. "I'm no trash!- You shadow pupit." Sasuke said as he ducked to avoid a swing of the sharp blade, "I'm not a pupit!- I do what I want!! I have no master!!" Shadow yelled. Midnight sighed and jumped up in a tree to avoid them "They will get tired eventually..." she said, fingering a kuni. Sasuke and shadow eventually got tied and was now siting on the ground playing bloody knuckles. Midnight jumps down and kisses Sasuke and Shadow on the head and said as she streached, with a camera in her hand "Well this I'm going to show to Master Kakashi and see if you two show bet on me any more." Then she sinks into the ground, grining evilly at them. Then all of a sudden Sasuke and Shadow where neck down, into the ground. Midnight appears again grning as she runs away giggling.

Kakashi and Link show up an hour later. Sasuke and Shadow were out of the ground and dusting them selves off.
Link walks over and drangs Shadow away, while kakashi draged Sasuke away, while reading 'Make out Paradise' as usual.

ummm... No Title
Posted on: November 21, 2007, at 11:06:27am   [2 comments]

Don't ask.

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