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Flaker writes at 4:02:03pm on 9/21/11
De noms seulement ouais :p
Miaou6468 writes at 4:31:46am on 9/8/11
Mdr ah tu connais tous les Frenchies bien classés de FFR? x) Enfin un message francais sur mon profilllllllllllllllll merci mec xD et thanx for the vote :D
Flaker writes at 2:55:50pm on 9/7/11
Tiens un frenchie que je ne connais pas! :p
ULTIMEGA writes at 11:08:48pm on 6/9/11
Thanks for the vote!
101scorpion writes at 1:12:28am on 6/9/11
thnx 4 the vote back
ULTIMEGA writes at 8:47:08am on 6/8/11
You know, that anime looks very familiar.
It's Nyan Koi, isn't it?
manga_freak101 writes at 3:01:41am on 5/30/11
hehe kitty kitty everywhere x3
TBM18 writes at 3:19:37pm on 4/21/11
Hopefully not poptart cats. 3:
TBM18 writes at 2:37:34pm on 4/20/11
Oooo, Nekos. ‎( ● ω ● )
xEmoRawrz writes at 7:52:10pm on 4/11/11
ty for the vote<3
cute profile btw c: