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12th Official Tournament
Posted on: August 9, 2019, at 02:11:12am

Here we go boys. My first ever OT hopping in at D7

BLACKNOTE: You're going to have to go to my profile to see this unless you want to highlight this whole thing each time

Round 1: Super Soaker


Round 1: Violent Arcade (10-0-1-3)
Round 1 and boy already a 104-ish fucker to start off, the file is just overkill with rolls and jacks escpecially these triplet jacks that are in the 44434241414's lol. Also had to play it on mirror because no fucking way of hitting the [14][14][14]3214321 LMFAOO. I'm probably not going to improve it considering that I just arrived at Germany after traveling for 10 hours, doing nothing but sitting and watching movies, which rusted me. But apparently first round of D8 is free (not really) and everyone in it will move on to Round 2 so I better start busting in.
D1 - AAA - Misbehave (In This Cave)
D2 - AAA - The Hop
D3 - AAA - Machines
D4 - AAA - Bang
D5 - AAA - carnation
D6 - AAA - Ambient Ooparts
D7 - AAA - Super Soaker - I gotta admit this one is a really good song & file, love it

Round 2: Wanderflux (24-2-3-6)
Okay let me address that I am certainly not going to end up far in this tourney lmao. I cannot keep up with dense jumptrill streams as a tech player (sadly I don't have much experience on etterna; I'm level 100 taking on 101 and I am still comparable to people in the 28's on etterna), and this is definitely not within 30rg range for me. Give this a 105, or even 104 because manip gang is raiding this place OKAY so I just beat my 38-3-13-4 and I kinda take back on what I just said lolllll I can probably go better on this sometime soon
D1 - AAA - Red Tint
D2 - AAA - Mindreader
D3 - AAA - Starchaser
D4 - AAA - rainy beauty [Heavy]
D6 - AAA - Lamuscore - This file wins for being the sickest song of this round tho
D7 - AAA - October (Dark Autumn Remix) - Damn D7 is getting the most beautiful songs in the game, lucky them lol

  1. Hopping in at impossible to compete

  2. wot r u doing in Germany?