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Herogashix writes at 11:22:10pm on 2/25/15 gg
Mahou writes at 1:26:07am on 2/2/15
i wish that were true
Herogashix writes at 12:43:23am on 12/2/14
If you're the master of the (singular) taco, why are you a poptart
i cannae even
Mahou writes at 11:36:10am on 12/1/14
Did you try that key setup I proposed in chat?
choof writes at 10:22:56am on 12/1/14
my dude, is that a pop tart
Herogashix writes at 3:48:47pm on 11/30/14
where the fuck have you been, you taco fuck?
Herogashix writes at 1:56:30pm on 11/30/14
you still exist
dha writes at 5:22:57pm on 11/26/14
wtf 6,66 years xD you're the devil
Starlight562 writes at 2:50:36pm on 11/26/14
[12:47 PM] Starlight562: I love you.
[12:48 PM] MasterOfTheTaco: i love you more
Tim Allen writes at 12:44:14pm on 11/23/14
ta cc o master