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( ・ω・)☞( ・ω・)☞( ・ω・)b 「All Accuracy,No Combo osu!Standard player and 4 Keys osu!mania player」 ============================ >I'm mostly active on Steam and on Discord so you probably won't see me playing here or on osu! that much. ( ・ω・)☞( ・ω・)☞( ・ω・)b ============================ Note:- I try to be as respectful as possible to everyone so if I do sound rude,it's either that I'm annoyed or used to you by now (That is if I've talked to you a lot)
Food. Definitely food. ( ・ω・) Oh. And games as well. ( ・ω・) And also good music. ( ・ω・)
Fav Music:
Anything that sounds great to my ears~
Fav Movies:
I don't think I even have a favorite movie but I guess something that isn't scary?
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xxXitsunexx writes...
at 9:55:10pm on 4/20/17
You too, have a wonderful stay on FFR, hopefully it will longlasting~ :D
evil smoke writes...
at 4:52:32pm on 4/20/17
Thanks friend, you too! ^_^
evil smoke writes...
at 8:31:28am on 4/20/17
Also sorry, I got a little too excited... I just thought it was a cool coincidence
evil smoke writes...
at 8:12:09am on 4/20/17
You were my first friend on osu ♥ (sorry I didn't say hi) I actually have one of your skins for a while -> the "nothing seems ok" so thank you! (:
Me: https://osu.ppy.sh/u/8941675
Have fun on FFR!
xxXitsunexx writes...
at 6:56:37am on 4/20/17
Hellooo, welcome to FFR ^_^
evil smoke writes...
at 4:49:33am on 4/20/17
JK, you can delete that...
I've seen you on osu before, (I think) Just wanted to say hi if your the same person :)
evil smoke writes...
at 4:37:21am on 4/20/17
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 1:09:53am on 4/20/17
First person to post on your wall.