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strawberry.kiwi is my best friend. I also live in the middle of nowhere with Muriel and...... Eustas Baaaaaaagggg..... P.s. All marbid in my friends list are me's.... And I've been playing this game for like 4 years.
Everything and nothing.
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Everything that comes across my ears.
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Only one... Brahms Strokers Dracula.
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SiSi Freeze Pop writes at 11:52:18pm on 9/2/12
Ty. :3 And you are welcome.
Marbid writes at 7:47:27pm on 8/31/12
Ty. :)
SiSi Freeze Pop writes at 5:59:14pm on 8/29/12
Pretty picture. :)
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 10:37:23am on 3/6/12
hais!!!! ^~^
Marbid writes at 1:47:03pm on 2/20/12
tis cool
A2P writes at 12:36:06am on 2/19/12
hey sorry i bailed on ya there. i was taking a call (at 12:30am, which is weird...but you know how some girls are with that insomnia thing going on). but hey, great match!
Marbid writes at 10:55:11pm on 2/18/12
heyyy YOu there?
Strawberry.Kiwii writes at 10:51:10pm on 2/18/12
Thought it would make you smile :)
Marbid writes at 11:41:55pm on 2/15/12
The best friends picture is like the cutest picture ever.
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 11:56:34am on 2/15/12
welcome to the " flash " !!! ^~^ btw nice back round!! X3