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Comment wall
deadlyfemale writes...
at 7:02:30pm on 6/20/07
ninjas are better than pirates and samurai r better than pirates hi
Baking-Powder writes...
at 12:38:23pm on 5/27/07
pfft, w/e floats ur boat...

free thumb up vote :D
darkangel87 writes...
at 8:30:29pm on 5/26/07
bob_x writes...
at 11:48:19am on 5/26/07
Pj stop Being aZn Master plz
Baking-Powder writes...
at 8:22:42am on 5/26/07
rofl, dont act like your tryin to talk me down... calm urself, i cant even afford new games for mine XD
Baking-Powder writes...
at 5:29:57pm on 5/25/07
dude, i've had a Wii for like 5 months now, dont blow an artiry
bob_x writes...
at 10:45:24am on 5/25/07
nope i couldn't care less
bob_x writes...
at 12:10:30am on 5/25/07
Baking-Powder writes...
at 11:36:43pm on 5/12/07
ninjas and pirates are both cool

bluemuffin_yoshi writes...
at 6:00:06am on 4/26/07
hells yes :)
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