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Makoto Shinobi
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Location:Maryland, USA
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Makoto Shinobi's Gameplay Stats Today
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I'm just your ordinary person and skilled player here. My possessed doll is Krisalis (nicknamed Kris). I love Nakoruru, Futaba Hotaru, and Akashiya Moka. ♥
Listening to Music, Playing Video Games, Reading, Writing, Thinking (of myself), Voices to Hear.
Fav Music:
Ayumi Hamasaki, Jamiroquai, Nana Mizuki, Dream Theater, FIELD OF VIEW, GLAY, Iron Maiden, WANDS
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I'm back on FFR once again!
Posted on: March 16, 2009, at 10:55:05pm   [0 comments]
Hi everyone! It's me, Makoto Shinobi! I've been on FFR for like years. I was thinking I don't feel like wanted to play FFR anymore, but now I wanted to feel like playing a lot more due to the fact that it has a lot of not only reply, but a lot of songs to unlock, making FFR getting way better, so that means I'm ready to revisit my favorite website. Now that my original account was YFT8831, but it seems like FFR vastly changed everything making me having a difficult time on trying to get my account back. After all the trouble I have, perhaps I have to create a new account to ensure my re-visitation. During my ongoing delay of revisiting FFR, my big interest is Kongregate, where they have badges and achievements feature, in which they show you the best casual gamers on the web. After the delay I made is gone, I'm ready to play FFR, to become one of the best casual gamers.

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Josh xD writes...
at 5:53:10pm on 12/7/09
You're welcome :d
Josh xD writes...
at 10:00:15am on 12/7/09
Thanks for the Vote. :p
mirror_eclipse writes...
at 12:39:42pm on 12/5/09
Thanks for the vote :D
ICC writes...
at 3:00:47pm on 8/27/09
Goodie goodie good good goo gooey goo gooness :3
ICC writes...
at 11:51:12am on 8/27/09
No problemo :3
How are you on this fine gooey llama cake day?
Schroederlul2 writes...
at 10:56:20am on 8/27/09
Hey, no problem! =)
(Btw, this isn't my main account, it's one I use for diagonal scroll play, so my scores fail on it xD)
kirjautunut writes...
at 8:50:45am on 8/26/09
i can give you a little tip. try to play a little harder songs that you can play. that gives you a skill boost at no time. just keep doing that over and over again and you'll find that you can play up to 12 blocks. :) that's what i did.
kirjautunut writes...
at 5:00:53pm on 8/25/09
sure, no problem. :) so, how hard songs can you play? :)
kirjautunut writes...
at 4:52:23pm on 8/25/09
thank you :) trying to get better :)
roxxidoll writes...
at 12:37:24pm on 8/21/09
Nooo problemoo~ :)
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