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I live in the CLE. The 440. Happily married and dislike the long winters.
DDR, cars & trucks, cooking, drawing, reading, music, and starting to get an interested in model kits (Gundam).
Fav Music:
Techno/Trance/ELectronica, DnB, Classic rock, rock, pop, celtic, and alex jones folk song.
Fav Movies:
Anything Batman, Deadpool 1 & 2, anything hilarious off of youtube
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FirstMaple8 writes...
at 10:14:56am on 9/12/19
last time i checked was in june, they had regular cabs then but they probably have gold cabs by now. But yea I have a round 1 somewhat near me (like 60 miles away)
FirstMaple8 writes...
at 9:10:55pm on 9/5/19
Thanks for reaching out :D. Thankfully i live like 7 hours from El Paso so i've been fine for the most part. But yea i play DDR, I can AA around 13 most of the time and i've passed a 16 and FC'd a 12. (DDRA Scale).
Gradiant writes...
at 6:11:00pm on 7/19/18
Nah, wish I could draw that well. It was done by 2 artists Lofi and Kenket, their collab work is under the name Hax on Furaffinity
Synthlight writes...
at 6:59:29pm on 7/18/18
First person to post on your wall.