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Posted on: February 28, 2007, at 08:19:23pm   [0 comments]
wondering how alex got the tokens >.> mush find themmmm

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derblub writes...
at 9:32:35am on 6/19/07
found all so far - but i saw that you are missing #14 ;)
acknerr writes...
at 1:29:38am on 6/12/07
I'm actually getting a little bored with FFR, so I'm mainly coming on here and there to check if I have any messages and keep in touch with some people. I'm not really playing the game much anymore or looking for tokens. Myspace is better to reach me at for those on here that have a myspace profile. Anyway, so how have you been doing?
derblub writes...
at 6:44:06pm on 6/11/07
wuz up? ;p
acknerr writes...
at 10:49:50pm on 6/10/07
acknerr writes...
at 12:52:39pm on 6/9/07
derblub writes...
at 6:39:24am on 5/4/07
very evil ;D
acknerr writes...
at 10:34:02pm on 5/1/07
That's actually token 14, the color just changed
acknerr writes...
at 3:11:49pm on 4/18/07
Can't say. Just look around for convention things
acknerr writes...
at 12:44:15pm on 4/17/07
Who said anything about a thread?
acknerr writes...
at 2:56:01pm on 4/16/07
I said I live in California. The blue token is really easy
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