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My Records November 2010
Posted on: November 30, 2010, at 01:53:55pm

Highest Combo-2709 (Full Combo MAX Forever)[8/12][Very Difficult]

Highest Score-4,347,440 (Blue Army)

Highest Level AAA-Metropolis Zone(8/12)[Very Difficult](632 Steps)

Highest Level Full Combo-Choprite (11/12) [For Masters Only]

Highest Level Clear-Death Piano and RATO (13/12)

Number of AAAs-286 (247+33+6)

Overall Average Song Rank-498/78488+ (in 17468 games)

Regional Rank-24/233+ (Great Lakes Region)(Missouri, USA)

Worst Song Rank:2250 (Vertex BETA)

Standard Difficulty AAAs-43
Tricky Difficulty AAAs-60
Difficult AAAs-82
Very Difficult AAAs-2

Very Challenging Full Combos-89
Tier Points-46
(My 3 Best AAAs)

Roses and Butterflies [HEAVY]
(7/12 Difficult)(1190 Steps)

Don't Breathe A Word [HEAVY]
(7/12 Difficult)(1100 Steps)

Metropolis Zone
(8/12 Very Difficult)(632 Steps)

2nd Best Combo-2465
(Full Combo Blue Noah)(10/12) [Very Challenging]

-Terminology Key-

(AAA)-Perfect Performance, nothing but Perfect marks (And No Boos!)

(FC)-Full Combo, no misses