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im an artist and i love a good game against another player, and i lost over 20 pounds playing DDRMax2 ^_^
I love drawing furry art, playing video games (FFR included), and i most love a good song that can make me feel somthing ^_^
Fav Music:
my favorite music... hmmm, i got too many to put down, but I'll say: AFI; missmurder, paparoach; getting away with murder, ICP; abracadabra, and so much more its making my head hurt to try and name them all
Fav Movies:
my favorite movies are: princess monenoke, castle in the sky, spirited away, hellsing, Dot.Hack, and much much more to even put down.
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hello (random)
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Thanks for the vote!
candycanez writes...
at 4:08:47pm on 12/25/06
Hey Happy Holidays! ♥
coleygrl27 writes...
at 2:52:09am on 9/3/06
your really good at art :)
LOVExLacey writes...
at 9:13:12pm on 9/2/06
lol thx!
and awesome lol
frekinmatt83 writes...
at 9:10:28pm on 9/2/06
Right on man!!!
Mansuraieru writes...
at 7:52:22pm on 9/2/06
Another furry fan ^_^ I'm gonna add you.
shasha76 writes...
at 7:37:10pm on 9/2/06
cool art
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 4:19:51pm on 2/21/06
First person to post on your wall.