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I love rythm gamees and i like to play other games as well
.hanging out with friends .video games .playing piano
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Logman6656 writes at 9:39:58pm on 8/8/20
Well im gonna get eliminated its been fun im happy i got top 8
TheSquidster writes at 11:01:09pm on 8/5/20
You got this dude, your almost there
Yyorshire writes at 11:00:47pm on 8/5/20
we still believe in you champ
Aceofsquares3 writes at 11:00:10pm on 8/5/20
come back
Logman6656 writes at 12:28:29am on 8/5/20
i really hope i dont get eliminated while im on vacation
Logman6656 writes at 7:32:24pm on 8/4/20
thx man i had fun competing with u
Frans813 writes at 7:21:52pm on 8/4/20
For some reason the song has a massive amount of distortion for me, I am not able to play this.
Checked the difference with my livestream from yesterday and holy shit. Congrats m8 on top 8 in the tournament
Logman6656 writes at 7:13:46pm on 8/2/20
6th now
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 4:52:20pm on 8/2/20
yo, where are u D:
Logman6656 writes at 11:40:55pm on 7/31/20
At my dads no laptop :(