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choof writes...
at 3:36:00am on 9/5/14
oh whoops lmao
choof writes...
at 11:20:02pm on 9/4/14
Toxophilis writes...
at 4:45:26pm on 9/4/14
Becky8 writes...
at 4:12:24pm on 9/4/14
lemme guess
choof writes...
at 4:05:14pm on 9/4/14
got it, t.hanks
should I send resume before or after ccna
choof writes...
at 3:51:25pm on 9/4/14
you have pm's off lol
choof writes...
at 3:36:48pm on 9/4/14
I'm thinking I could get ccna by next week, 15th the latest
choof writes...
at 3:21:20pm on 9/4/14
fuuc, I still only have ccent, but my secret's still active (it may have been upgraded to ts, not sure)
how long is this position open?
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 2:50:11pm on 9/4/14
First person to post on your wall.