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looks like i won't be able to play ffr for awhile
Posted on: April 5, 2018, at 11:48:23pm

so a long time ago, flash broke on my laptop, not allowing me to play any flash games (and this also incidentally includes the ffr r3 air engine standalone), but i was luckily able to come into possession of a chromebook, which not only let me play ffr again but also let me play it smoother than ever.


today i found out, and i have no idea how this happened, that a piece of silica gel, like the perfect size of silica gel, lodged itself into the headphone jack of my chromebook somehow while it was in my backpack, so i am unable to use headphones on it anymore.

so, unless i can somehow get flash working on my regular laptop again or i find a way to unjam the headphone jack on my chromebook i won't be able to play anymore, and both of those things seem unlikely! :(

  1. gg

  2. yikers

  3. You can install a external souncard via USB if the headphone jack is messed up.