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LeKrispyKreme's Gameplay Stats Today
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About me:
I play FFR and I like twerking donuts.
Music, video games, manga, memes.
Fav Music:
Anything except Country.
Fav Movies:
Don't watch very many movies, however I do have a special place in my heart for the movie Your Name.
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MrMan902 writes...
at 10:39:27pm on 12/19/19
I had a kirby pfp way b4 you Krispy xD
spongebobismysenpai writes...
at 7:59:20pm on 11/4/19
hi krispy krispy krispy
Drayk writes...
at 12:24:10am on 11/4/19
Kripsy is the man :D
XxXMetalheadXxX writes...
at 1:11:10am on 9/13/19
came to say congrats on your coactive token, staying to watch the twerk.
Thehidden0ne writes...
at 3:32:58pm on 9/6/19
How krispy is krispy?
Antori writes...
at 7:42:54pm on 6/12/19
shake it shake it shake it!
_Fluttershy_ writes...
at 12:01:59pm on 4/15/19
God!! Your display pic made me laugh so much more than it should! XD
reuben_tate writes...
at 8:26:16pm on 11/30/18
Hey, your name should be on the tournament dashboard now. Cheers!
Antori writes...
at 3:01:09pm on 9/27/18
thanks again for the credits o/
Drummerdude XXL writes...
at 11:53:02pm on 9/3/18
helloooo thar
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