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I am a fan of link.I like to play zelda games.you should help my friend bugsaver save bugs. you can get the majora's mask for $18 and my and Daiuske79's brother -but he's Daiuske79's step brother- is totaly gay.
legend of zelda games. I play the games too and so should you.you can get any zelda games from me.
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majora's mask a view to a kill,the song I'm out,and a song because there are so many songs I like so lol,and ho,ho,ho.
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good gary

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Calyistis writes...
at 3:41:27am on 12/25/08
So the guy in the green hat is Zelda?
MelliPaSNeT writes...
at 4:39:45pm on 12/18/07
link2777 writes...
at 7:08:10am on 10/8/07
lol EVERY1 LOVES ZELDA!!!! GOOOO LINK ( and i liked majoras mask >< )
Zeldagurlfan1 writes...
at 4:51:24pm on 6/13/07
you like zelda?? do u wanna be friends?
~!!~Midna~!!~ writes...
at 12:51:37am on 6/6/07
Omg. Majora's Mask > All !! *random*
lol. I like Majora's Mask better than the rest of the series, unlike most people who obsess over OoT. :P
sushigrlOOk writes...
at 2:38:25pm on 4/22/07
)= Play On FFR Often
videogamwz writes...
at 7:11:04am on 4/2/07
Do you have Twilight Princess because I do for the GameCube
sushigrlOOk writes...
at 5:02:42am on 3/29/07
Hi Person!
*Oreo* writes...
at 4:11:12am on 2/18/07
I love link! ^_^
*LiSa_SyP* writes...
at 6:04:32pm on 1/24/07
so im guessin u like my pix? lol
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