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Sync beats, Sync hearts.
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I got nagged to make a better about me section >_>. Umm My names still Johnie and I've had a rhythm game addiction since Rock Band came out (yes that's right rock band) I was in the top 10 for vocals on Rock Band 1 and 2 and #3 in guitar for guitar hero (this was about a year ago I'm not as interested in it now) I love forums tho I'm usually overzealous and break 1-3 rules my first few days... I love forum games and I love coming up with new ones umm I'm like 5'5 and NOT getting any taller, tho at the same time I'm probably the luckiest son of a bitch to walk this earth since I met my significant other on FFR. (Love ya Bella <3) Anyway I first started playing FFR on some offline site called, my friend showed it to me in computer class and I eventually started playing faithfully (in school) so I'm not really sure how I stack up to this community in skill just yet. If you're curious about my avatar it's from one of my favorite animes that's all I'll say here that and my laptop is broke so I have none of me right now anythin else you wanna know or just talk hit me up.
games, games, anime, and moar games :3
Fav Music:
Skrillex Flux Pavillion Helicopter SHowdown Cookie Monsta Job for a Cowboy Black Dahlia Murder Cannibal Corpse White Chapel As Blood Runs Black Suicide Silence Joe Satriani Steve Vai Dream Theater Avenged Sevenfold (some) Judas Priest Crizzly Kruella Chez-the-guy (lol he'll love this) The Who The Guess Who Red Hot Chili Peppers 3 Mile Scream Testament Behemoth Renard The Quick Brown Fox Kitsune^2 Jackal Queenston NegaRen Nostalgia Klippa The Allman Brothers Band The Beatles At The Gates (way too many others to name)
Fav Movies:
Rise of the planet of the apes friday friday next friday friday after next (don't judge me) I don't see a lot of movies ok?
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Social Anxiety Disorder or Social Phobia?
Posted on: March 1, 2013, at 01:06:44am   [3 comments]
What do you do when something like this is effectivly ruining your life? I find it funny I never even considered this for the longest time until a therapist brought it to my attention an it's almost like having someone tell me exactly what I've gone through for the last 12+ years... Wonder what I could do to resolve this problem, before I lose my mind.

I hate.
Posted on: February 28, 2013, at 03:02:57am   [0 comments]
Being my own worst enemy defeating myself over an over again.

Per il mio dolce Bellini.
Posted on: November 23, 2012, at 03:47:42am   [0 comments]
Benedetto sia 'l giorno, et 'l mese, et l'anno,
et la stagione, e 'l tempo, et l'ora, e 'l punto,
e 'l bel paese, e 'l loco ov'io fui giunto
da'duo begli occhi che legato m'anno;
et benedetto il primo dolce affanno
ch'i' ebbi ad esser con Amor congiunto,
et l'arco, et le saette ond'i' fui punto,
et le piaghe che 'nfin al cor mi vanno.

Benedette le voci tante ch'io
chiamando il nome de mia donna ò sparte,
e i sospiri, et le lagrime, e 'l desio;

et benedette sian tutte le carte
ov'io fama l'acquisto, e 'l pensier mio,
ch'è sol di lei, sí ch'altra non v'à parte.

My Italian sucks, so bear with me here.

Decisions Decisions....
Posted on: November 19, 2012, at 12:01:00pm   [1 comment]
After last night it's become painfully obvious some (more) changes have to be made in my life, no matter how much I may not want to. I keep this shit up I'm just gonna wind up dead.

Posted on: October 25, 2012, at 02:38:56am   [3 comments]
FUCK YEAH BITCHES I'M A MOTHER FUCKIN VETERA- and now the thrill is gone....

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