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Hi. I'm studying to become a computer hardware or networking technician, or something. I'm above average at philosophy and dance games. Occasionally I troll people. Personality wise I'm somewhere between nice person and frothing lunatic. There are only a couple things that can make me into the latter, but they come up fairly frequently for whatever reason =/
I like philosophy, dance games, and to a lesser extent poker. IMA FURRY :3
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Folk Punk, Dance, IDM; Crystal Castles, Flashbulb, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Scott Brown, Flogging Molly
Fav Movies:
Mononoke Hime, The Seventh Seal
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stitute a form of ordering?
Posted on: November 18, 2006, at 11:25:19pm   [0 comments]

Wait, doesn't the act of titling my thoughts const
Posted on: November 18, 2006, at 11:24:06pm   [0 comments]
That sort of makes them not random though, doesn't it?

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Attractive writes...
at 10:53:09pm on 11/5/11
It has a nice ring to it.
Attractive writes...
at 5:03:31pm on 11/5/11
drama queen psuedo-intellectual.
Cyr writes...
at 9:51:37am on 11/3/11
I actually took it from one of the many fursona's of Renard Queenston. Mine is, in fact, a tiger though. :3
LJRoX writes...
at 1:28:34am on 4/18/11
furries burn bitch
NFD writes...
at 11:43:42pm on 2/6/11
virus you're 12
virus003 writes...
at 11:34:21pm on 2/6/11
damn you're stupid
you go ballistic because no one on this forum can relate to you being a tg
go take some anger management classes while you're banned
Sylar09 writes...
at 6:24:48pm on 2/4/11
how r u
Sylar09 writes...
at 5:56:41pm on 2/4/11
Finkle007 writes...
at 10:59:40pm on 2/3/11
if you like philosophy you and I should talk sometime :D
3lijah writes...
at 2:51:47pm on 1/7/11
j00 !z 4 f|_|rry? 5w337.
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