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Kenshin XI
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Kenshin XI's Gameplay Stats Today
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Just a wandering soul, trying to get as much happiness and experience as I can out of life. https://soundcloud.com/user-213667554
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Metal - Death Metal - Black Metal - Goth - Grunge - Shoegaze - Dark Wave -Psychedelic Rock - Industrial Metal - Thrash Metal - Punk - Grindcore - Goregrind - Synthwave - Vaporwave
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bite me please writes...
at 10:38:01am on 11/9/09
idek i just wanted to share the word nachoos with you :3 lmao
bite me please writes...
at 10:40:00pm on 11/4/09
Lime-a-Beeen writes...
at 8:59:42pm on 11/2/09
lol da fuck XD
bite me please writes...
at 7:22:37pm on 10/18/09
thanks for thepicture comment :3
SariSynthetic writes...
at 11:57:24pm on 10/17/09
*double poke*
roxybaby0113 writes...
at 9:03:04pm on 10/12/09
Thank you. Lawl.
Amy.Keough writes...
at 8:37:28pm on 10/8/09
lol that was random.
/hugs steve
HelloKittyTrainwreck writes...
at 6:45:39pm on 10/8/09
likewis :)
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 5:34:10pm on 10/8/09
lol okiis haha, thanx for the vote
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 9:51:34pm on 10/7/09
lol why?? did you say somthing perverted, or cuss at me?? lol
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