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Let's just breathe ♥
Pandas. Tea. Xbox 360. Yoga. Japanese things. Chocolate. Books. Chicha. Video games. Anime. Movies. Music ♫. Gears of war. Cars. ITG. DDR. FFR. Paintball. Hockey. Football. Volleyball. Guitar. Saxophone. Resident Evil. Silent Hill. Photography. White chocolate. My dog. Body Art. Sushis. Green color. Violon. Writing. Psychology. Filming. Art. Snowboard. Rollerblade. Rule of Rose. Cookie Dough. Converses. Pool. Bamboo. Dexter. Walking Dead. Learning Japanese and German. Garfield. Snoopy. Autumn. ETC.
Fav Music:
Necrophagist. Ensiferum. Eluvetitie. Devil wears Prada. Dying Fetus. Finntroll. Hauted. U2. Eagle eye cherry. Skinless. Megadeth. Three Doors down. Sonata Arctica. Quo Vadis. Pennywise. NOFX. Lagwagoon. The Killers. Jimmy Eat World. Green Day. Ensiferum. Dying Fetus. Blind Guardian. Disturbed. Aerosmith. Cannibal Corpse. Ted Nugent. Johnny Cash. Coldplay. David Bowie. Led Zeppelin. Trivium. Blind Guardian. ETC.
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Princess Mononoke. Edward scissorhands. Nightmare before Christmas and other movies from Tim Burton. Memoirs Of A Geisha. Pirates of the Caribbean Ghost in the shell. Requiem for a dream. Vidock. V for Vendetta. 300. 28 Days/Weeks later. Wolf's Rain. Akira. Battle Royale. Resident Evil. Silent Hill. Black Dahlia. Howl's Moving Castle. Uzumaki. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Sin City. Dead Poet's Society . Nosferatu. Night Of The Living Dead. Metal Gear Solid . Last Samurai. Kingdom Of Heaven. Amsterdamned. Birthday Massacre. Documentory. House Of Flying Daggers. H6. Feed. Visitor Q. The Illusionnist. Vampire Hunter. 1408. Army of Darkness. Donnie Darko. Queen of the Damned. Silent Hill. The Ninth Gate. Who Am I. Bordeline. World War Z. Snitch. Virus. ETC.
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Posted on: June 28, 2013, at 09:17:18pm   [3 comments]
It took me seven years to become a veteran.
It took me seven years to be able to AAA a song.
It took me seven years to get better at FFR.
It took me seven years to FC Tribal Revival.
It took me seven years to get The Pylons are TRAP BALLS.

My name will eventually disapear from the list as more people will become veterans but I don't care. I'll remember this day just like I remember the first day I played FFR.

I recently read what I wrote on the forums back in 2006. I'm a bit ashamed of the things I've wrote because some are so cheezy or just plain stupid. Thank God I am way more mature now.

Seven years have passed and I'm still in love with this game.
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AxelxxRoxas writes at 8:55:12pm on 4/11/14
i like alot of what you said in your bio hey have you ever heard of 30 seconds to mars you should check them out oh and my favorite song by the killers is Human
MoonlightUsagi writes at 11:14:54pm on 3/22/14
Ooh you like some of Hayao Miyazaki's films? :D Nice~
3lijah writes at 8:27:29pm on 3/22/14
gracias for the thumbs up. And damn thats a lot of games in a day hahaha
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 8:18:00pm on 3/3/14
thanks for the thumbs~!!!
CDCan writes at 3:53:50pm on 2/22/14
zero friends, impressive.
AngelxAshes writes at 5:59:08pm on 10/15/13
I like your stuff. And you're from QC.
Oh and I also like the stuff you like.
So yeah, here's my thumb.
Bluearrowll writes at 6:41:22pm on 7/21/13
Thanks for the compliment! It's a lot of work, getting up early in the morning every day and finding content from multiple sites in order to keep the thread up to date to the day. But I feel with over 50 people viewing the thread daily, people are taking the time to study it and maybe they'll see some of the events for themselves. There's an endless sea of cool stuff out there!
Winrar writes at 3:14:52pm on 7/13/13
Thanks for the vote :D
Congrats on vet as well!
Bluearrowll writes at 5:40:37pm on 7/12/13
Ah I see; welcome back, the sites been running relatively smoothly for the past few years. As for the community, it's essentially like any other community you'd find on the internet. My main purpose these days tends to be running my astronomy thread in the forums.
Bluearrowll writes at 8:50:44pm on 7/11/13
Just wondering, did you quit for a few years or something? Most 7 year old accounts here are pretty well known - not very often I stumble upon them these days and not know who they are. xD