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Kaito Everlasting
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Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Gaming Region:USA - Southwest
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Kaito Everlasting's Details
About me:
The name's Kaito. I tend to be very random at times. Video games seem to make me happier than most people do. I think glasses make me look smarter. I play with sharp things on a daily basis. I'm a grammar Nazi. Don't like it? GTFO mai profilez.
Food, Food... Food, Death Note, shiny things, sharp things, apples, black clothes, any hair accessories.
Fav Music:
I don't have a favorite music genre, but that doesn't matter, as long as it has a good beat, or I can scream to it. My favorite bands are.. Maximum the Hormone, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Flyleaf... My taste in music sucks nowadays.
Fav Movies:
All of Miyazaki-san's works.
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Reyom writes...
at 1:34:09pm on 8/6/08
You seriously need to come back and play me sometime, even though I'll lose horribly.
seairaaa writes...
at 9:38:29am on 7/4/08
I'm not a nerd. ;A;
monstro222 writes...
at 5:44:39pm on 7/2/08
seairaaa writes...
at 7:23:52pm on 6/30/08
Ha ha, I've got more games logged than you do. ;D
I'mma get to a lower rank than yew~ >>;
1mpuls3 writes...
at 10:37:02am on 6/27/08
awesome pic bro
BubblyAyumi writes...
at 9:00:35pm on 6/26/08
Your welcome! <3
And thanks, more pictures are in my website under details ^^
AshPeltola writes...
at 8:56:47pm on 6/26/08
Your welcome. ^-^
Thanks for the vote too.
I like the background.
Idespair writes...
at 8:56:11pm on 6/26/08
you're welcome! :]
UltimaAssassin writes...
at 8:55:53pm on 6/26/08
Furuba~baby writes...
at 6:59:56pm on 6/26/08
Thank-you~ :3
Cool pic as well :3
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