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DDR-ITG-PIU-FFR-STM, Play d Guitar, piano and Keyboard, Skate, Surf, go to the Movies, hang out with my friends, Music, soccer, football, tenis, rugby, swim, Punk, Metalcore, Metal, Hard techno, Drum and bass, thrash and the list goes on...
Fav Music:
Muse, Pendulum, Avenged Sevenfold, Dream theater, Joe satriani, Enter Shikari, I set my friends on Fire, Brokencyde, Blacktide, Banya, Inspector K, P.O.D, Calle 13, I see stars, Darren Styles, Cascada, Dj Kurt, As world Fades, Mudvayne, etc...
Fav Movies:
star wars, gol, fast and furious, 300, Highlander in search for Vengance, Equilibrium, Lets go to prison, Zoolander, Stomp the yard, Blood diamond, Batman, heroes, etc...
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mykaylamackenna writes at 4:20:19pm on 7/24/11
I'm great, No problem.
How are you? (:
JikininkiFace writes at 9:26:56pm on 10/13/09
Anytime man.
JikininkiFace writes at 6:48:28pm on 8/28/09
Awesome profile dude.
luvmyfamily2234 writes at 7:01:08pm on 7/8/09
hheeyy dude watzz up?? ur one
of maf riendzz and i didnt
even kno ya faf
simple_shy writes at 2:48:02am on 7/8/09
hey! im good..and u???
jazzythelazy writes at 1:48:34pm on 6/23/09
really? i hate Oregon, blaahhghh. too wet an cold all teh effin time!
and yes i would love to see more pics, add me on myspace,
jazzythelazy writes at 4:03:23pm on 6/21/09
I live in the united states, i state named Oregon.. ever heard of it? lol i wish i lived in the United Kingdom though. sounds way betterrr. ;p
i wish you had more pics so i could see what you look like, i like the default though. ~sexy~
jazzythelazy writes at 7:24:41pm on 6/18/09
aw well thank you! not very many girls dig it ;p ha!
so where you from?
-savana- writes at 9:26:27pm on 6/17/09
no problem and not much you
jazzythelazy writes at 4:20:40pm on 6/11/09
thanks for the add cuteee <3