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Hi. I'm Jimmy ;)
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Escape the Fate is my favorite band. www.myspace.com/escapethefate
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Our school got hit by a tornado!
Posted on: January 12, 2008, at 12:34:21pm   [3 comments]

#1 Word Scramble
Posted on: January 9, 2008, at 07:45:06am   [1 comment]
Pwnd :)

Top Daily, All Time Statistics
Posted on: December 4, 2007, at 05:39:55pm   [1 comment]
Attempting to make it in there. I don't have enough time to get in it right now, but I hope to someday.

Comment wall
viper10105 writes...
at 5:23:52pm on 1/28/08
dude, i just did a 41 minutes 42 seconds song! u try it, go to simfile db and type in "final fantasy" it should be the last one down. its called "one winged angel" (the longest version ever) lets see if you have the willpower to do the whole song without redbarring it. i did =D
viper10105 writes...
at 11:32:15pm on 1/26/08
lol, i dont know what happened but now you have no competition for the word scramble.
Kristin Sparks writes...
at 9:01:13am on 1/22/08
Kristin Sparks writes...
at 9:30:00pm on 1/19/08
AHAHAHA!!! jimmmy!!
missdolliee writes...
at 8:15:05pm on 1/14/08
well it was haha. we are pretty random. haha, but its fun. well anyway. i gotta go. nice talking to you. bye. (:
missdolliee writes...
at 8:09:43pm on 1/14/08
sounds fun. im at my friends house and were playing ffr. we also painted her room. it was fun. (:
missdolliee writes...
at 8:06:51pm on 1/14/08
ok, thanks. im sorry that happened to you.
so whats up?
missdolliee writes...
at 8:04:50pm on 1/14/08
also because my parents arent letting me go back to public school. im also trying to figure out my life. /:
missdolliee writes...
at 8:04:16pm on 1/14/08
cause my bf broke up with me. but i dont wanna talk about it.
Kristin Sparks writes...
at 8:03:31pm on 1/14/08
Its okay
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