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asl:17/male/New York. i love to skateboard, and play lacrosse. i am also sick nasty in DDR and Pump it up. lol.
Women lol
Fav Music:
Rock, Punk, metal, n Ska. and a lil rap/hip hop.
Fav Movies:
Gone in 60 Seconds, dodgeball, wedding crashers, weekend at bernies, and a lot more.
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6 p01nt3d*st@r writes...
at 6:57:16pm on 1/30/07
FunnyHottie writes...
at 7:42:38pm on 9/25/06
hey long time no see =)
xxSlurpieGrlxx writes...
at 8:04:32pm on 9/3/06
www.myspace.com/brow neyes999999999
xxSlurpieGrlxx writes...
at 1:50:02pm on 9/3/06
hey nothing here and ya i do happen to have a myspace =D ...... k peace
mrproskater writes...
at 5:30:27pm on 9/2/06
ya ill tell u all the codes i know,50,afro,jewpin, dub,kankaoh,and downbreak
FunnyHottie writes...
at 4:51:39pm on 9/2/06
NOPE! =(! I don't keep cameras!
xxSlurpieGrlxx writes...
at 4:33:36pm on 9/2/06
hey whats upp
aLLeBaBe143 writes...
at 8:53:54pm on 8/31/06
kk lets play
aLLeBaBe143 writes...
at 8:53:31pm on 8/31/06
allisons going on, im dont know if she'll keep playing
aLLeBaBe143 writes...
at 8:21:02pm on 8/31/06
<<<<< IN that fucking box under the about me and crap there should be a link that says "+add buddy" or something and my picture is the question mark
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