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Found the game when browsing through the FlashPoint game list. Since it didn't work there, I looked it up and thought to give it a try.
I <3 rhythm games! (and by games I mean the one game I play called osu) I also like puzzle games, or anything that requires me to use my brain. Hit me up if you want me to teach you how to map in osu!taiko
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Electronic, and basically anything Japanese
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Posted on: October 14, 2019, at 05:04:29am   [5 comments]
ok ill document my key mashing journey here

Division 2: 5/10/2019
Division 3: 6/10/2019
Division 4: 2/11/2019
Division 5:

100 FC: 11/10/2019
200 FC:

100 AAA:

1 Billion GT:

(AAA 50-59) Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy]: 13/10/2019
(AAA 60-69) St. Scarhand [Standard]:
(AAA 70-84) Otaku Speedvibe [Oni]:
(AAA 85-94) St. Scarhand [Heavy]:
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JarvisGaming writes at 7:51:43am on 11/2/19
Andrew WCY writes at 6:17:29am on 11/2/19
E.B.O.N.Y. is a website containing riddles portrayed with a narrative. You can give it a go at https://ebonyriddle.com. Another similar website is Notpron.
After playing a number of puzzle sites, I've found E.B.O.N.Y. being the most enjoyable and satisfying one to play compared with other competitors, most possibly because it actually has a story to tell. The riddles themselves are pretty good apart from a small few (which I believe you would discover as you go on). The level difficulty escalates the deeper you delve into the game.
If you haven't tried puzzle websites before, give them a try! You might find one you like.