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Aerospace Engineering Undergrad @ Georgia Southern, possibly Georgia Tech in the coming months
Aerospace Engineering, Emulation, pressing buttons to the sounds in songs idk
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Posted on: October 25, 2013, at 04:24:08pm   [4 comments]
Division: 4

Round 1: The Whip
Difficulty: 57
Length: 2:39
Best Score: 4-0-0-0

•Well, this first genre is Glitch Hop, a genre I love to listen to, not to play too much. After many attempts I finally managed to at least SDG it, I don't honestly know if I am able to AAA this one, because of the length of the song.
•This is probably the most frustrating song I've ever played.
•Finally! A decent score! 4-0-0-0. I'm done with that song. It's taken way to many of my brain cells to do that.

Round 2: Prove Them Wrong
Difficulty: 59
Length: 2:58
Best Score: 5-0-1-0

•Well, it's a good sign that I like the song, and that there's no real tricky patterns in it or anything, there is a fast part somewhere around notes 800-1000, but I think I can get lucky on it once. AAA'ing this one seems possible, but I'm not used to songs of this length. Hopefully this chart isn't as stressful as the last one.
•10-0-0-1 before I go to school. Pretty good I guess, considering I've had no time to practice it.
•8-0-0-0 Got that right when I got home from school. I want to at least get <5 goods on this thing before I sit back and watch the scoreboard. I can really tell this tournament is making me make myself get better. My accuracy was horrid before the start of it compared to now.
•Ugh, the night before the next round. I made it to round 3, already more than I expected, but I'm not satisfied with the songs so far, they are really long and have parts that are made to mindblock you. :s Hopefully the future rounds will be somewhat shorter and possibly have streams/jumpstremas?

Round 3: Over the Bridge
Difficulty: 63
Length: 4:14
Best Score: 15-0-0-0

•Played it (not fully) once before I went to school. WHY 4 MINUTES. WHYYYYY. Anyway, the file seems pretty easy, I just got mind blocked the first few plays, that will diminish after playing it a couple times.
•Well, I'll be satisfied with my 15-0-0-0 until someone else who shouldn't be in front of me gets in front of me. Time to practice more!

Round 4: Dreadnought [Heavy]
Difficulty: 68
Length: 2:09
Best Score: 9-3-0-4

•Wait.. I've made it this far?! Probably not much farther though, unless I can somehow get less than 20 goods on this song, I don't think I'll be continuing. After about 3 runs of this song, I managed to get out a 32-0-6-1. Hopefully during the week and I get the misses gone, and mayyybe get rid of some goods but that was the best I can do for now, during the week I don't have much time anymore, because I joined the swim team yay arm hurting everyday not fun dont do.
•Whhhaaa??? I just spit out a 18-1-2-4, getting better at this song I suppose. I really shouldn't have missed those 2 though, or even that average... MORE PRACTICING!
•Alright, so my 9-3-0-4 is really getting pushed down, I'm going to do some major training until about 10, that gives me about 20 more minutes of practice until I have to go, then I just pray that I don't get knocked out.

Round 5: Eclipse (Luna)
Difficulty: 73
Length: 1:38
Best Score: 13-0-0-4

•So, this song is very, very fast, with many bursts throughout the song. I played it before going to school and managed to squeeze out a 45-something-4-something. This is not going to cut it for this round.
•Upon getting home, I warmed up, and practiced some 70's for a couple minutes, then I hopped on the song. I slammed a 13-0-0-4 on the table and proclaimed my spot in the white once again, but knowing that I'll have to climb the hill higher in order to make it over this terrain. (wtf this is getting intense)

Round 6: Valhalla
Difficulty: 75
Length: 2:32
Best Score: 6-0-0-0

•SWEET JESUS MY HEART IS RACING, I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH, IT'S ALL JUMPSTEAMS. MY DREAM IN THIS TOURNAMENT IS COMING TRUE. AHAHAHA. Anyway, 2nd try I got a 6-0-0-0, SDG, pretty nice, I have a feeling the scores will narrow though.

•So quite honestly, I was not expecting to get this far in this tournament. I thought I was going to get out in round 2, considering my time playing this game. I really appreciate all the support the new friends I've been making have been giving me. This community is honestly the best one I've ever been apart of. Just wanted to take a step back and look at things. :)

Round 6: Breakcore Ein Prosit
Difficulty: 77
Length: 1:47
Best Score: 52-1-6-11

•Eliminated. This song was way too fast for me, plus I didn't have much time in the week to be building speed because of performance finals and then finals directly after them. So basically school, once again, as screwed me over. This tournament was extremely fun, and I saw lots of improvements in everyone I knew who was in it. I'm definitely going to be in the next one, and the ones to come.

Round 8:

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