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Yo, How tf do y'all hit Jacks?
Posted on: March 29, 2020, at 09:35:59pm

Any consistent methods? I must know, will solve a lot of problems lmao.

  1. At faster speeds, most people basically make their whole hands jitter up and down in order to hit jacks. That's only when they're really fast, though - personally, even though it's not very fun advice, I think it just kind of comes with practice!
    Good luck, regardless :D

  2. shooot man I may aswell keep trying to jitter through them lol. Trying to at least SDG "Kyrie".

  3. It's essentially jittering, but there are some tricks you can use. Try to hit keys with less force, and if it doesn't mess up your hand position too much, extend your fingers a bit. That way, you'll need to jitter less and will get less tired.

  4. Something else you can do is to practice in your free time. When I'm stressed out from writing or something like that, I try to hit a few imaginary jacks. It really does help.