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Andrew WCY writes at 9:59:38am on 9/23/20
Why is that? Could you elaborate a bit more? What end goal, if any, do you think some people are trying to achieve in this pandemic? Aren't you worried about the deathly virus?
James Somers writes at 9:57:18am on 9/23/20
I think this is a great excuse to keep people in fear and submission. And at the same time to promote something of their own and to spoil someone.
Andrew WCY writes at 9:51:40am on 9/23/20
What thoughts do you have regarding the Coronavirus pandemic?
James Somers writes at 7:41:28am on 9/22/20
I haven't played yet, I'm getting to know the game and the community)
Andrew WCY writes at 7:40:12am on 9/22/20
I see! Have you come here to play the Werewolf Game (TWG) or play Flash Flash Revolution? Some people found this site because we have a TWG community here, and they came here mainly for participating in TWGs.
James Somers writes at 7:38:52am on 9/22/20
Andrew WCY yes
Andrew WCY writes at 7:30:46am on 9/22/20
ositz is saying that because we've seen a lot of bots (i.e. accounts that are controlled by a computer program) coming into the site and only posting in the forums without playing the game at all.
If you're human, would you mind sending a reply to my profile? And could you tell me how you stumbled upon this site?
James Somers writes at 3:23:02am on 9/22/20
No, I'm human. Why such a question? Did I write something wrong?
ositzxz369 writes at 3:13:40am on 9/22/20
r u a bot?