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Umm...I'm 21...I live in Ohio...
Everything. lol To name a few... FFR!!! Facebook :) My 2 kitties Gizmo and Scribbles :) <3
Fav Music:
Wow. I have a huge list on my myspace...lol Evanescence...Manson...FOB...All american Rejects...A LOT more...Oh. Aqua. ^_^
Fav Movies:
I don\'t watch many movies, but I\'m in love with Inuyasha. ^_^
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ViciousDelicious writes...
at 4:31:10pm on 7/20/08
~zabuza~ writes...
at 7:59:09pm on 6/20/08
awesome hair!
jeepman2002 writes...
at 11:09:05pm on 4/22/08
what up?
Xtreme2252 writes...
at 10:13:53pm on 3/10/08
hellgod182 writes...
at 9:53:37am on 10/31/07
i like the hair
BioxXxHazard writes...
at 9:09:39am on 10/29/07
hello and how are you today ??
RubiedCross writes...
at 2:34:03pm on 10/26/07
Sounds like fun. Packing I think is tedious, but it has to be done. And thanks for your concern. I know things will get better, sooner or later, but I'm impatient.
RubiedCross writes...
at 8:53:14pm on 10/24/07
Woah. Grammatically incorrect answer. Gahh. That's gonna bug me now =P
RubiedCross writes...
at 8:46:15pm on 10/24/07
Not too much, just dealing with people. Because life's a bitch, and is throwing everything at me at once.
How about you? =P
Nyokou writes...
at 11:46:44pm on 10/23/07
Why, thank you. I try.
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