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Who Am I? (2019 Update !!)
Posted on: August 30, 2013, at 12:22:24pm

I am Jones, a true veteran to FFR, having joined back in 2003. I was around FFR back when the first flash video chat was here, and when the original layout for the game was being used, you know... Back when they only had a handful of songs?

Where am I?
- Well you won't find me anywhere near the forum, but I do frequent the FFR Game occasionally, and on the rare occasion can be found in the profile chat.

Why still here?
- Because I enjoy the FFR music, stuff you really won't hear anywhere else, and the game it's self keeps my hand eye coordination and reaction time up, there for I do has to keep In tunek, so to speak.

Don't I have a life?
- I have half a life, I have a part time job currently, but still I hold a lot of free time when not working, I have been keeping busy at home with improvement projects and just overall housework.

Can we talk?
- Sure why not. That is, if you can catch me.

Skill level?
- Well, I am decent, but with real life taking over my time more often then not, I don't find alot of time to play anymore, and due to this. I am losing my edge, though hopfully soon I can try to pop on occasionally like I use to.

My status?
- Married, and living abroad.

  1. oh, so THAT'S when FFR was made! (2003)

  2. Actually I believe FFR was created sometime in late 2002, I only joined it in 2003.