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...I may seem quiet and reserved at first however I enjoy the company of others and over time open up more to those I know...
...I have several that if you would like to know then you should ask. Nothing ventured nothing gained...
Fav Music:
..Piller, Delirious, Linkin Park, Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet ect...
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...At the moment Iron man...
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...From now on...
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...From now on I will not except friend requests unless I get to know you first. This makes it so that I do not have friends on here who I do not know or remember adding. Think of it as a chance to get to know me and I will get to know you in return. I respond to comments so if you decide to leave one that is a good way to begin...

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...San - the most common honorific and is a title of respect...
...Kun - an informal honorific primarily used towards males ...
...Chan - is a diminutive suffix. It is an informal version of san used to address children and female family members. It may also be used towards animals, lovers, intimate friends, and people whom one has known since childhood [Playful variations of chan include chin, tan, and chama. Chin and tan are mispronunciations stereotypically attributed to small children and are thus perceived as baby talk, hence their association with cuteness—though "chin" can also be used to give a character a slightly delinquent, psychotic feel—especially if the character speaking is older, and still using it to address people they nominally respect]...
...Senpai - is used to address senior colleagues or mentor figures, e.g. students referring to or addressing more senior students in schools, junior athletes more senior ones in a sports club, or a mentor or more experienced or senior colleague in a business environment...
...Sensei - is used to refer to or address teachers, practitioners of a profession such as doctors and lawyers, politicians, and other authority figures...
...Sama - is the formal version of san. This honorific is used primarily in addressing persons much higher in rank than oneself and in commercial and business settings to address and refer to customers...
...Shi - is used in formal writing, and sometimes in very formal speech, for referring to a person who is unfamiliar to the speaker, typically a person known through publications whom the speaker has never actually met...
...Dono and Tono - roughly mean "lord" or "master". This title is no longer used in daily conversation, though it is still used in some types of written business correspondence...
...Ue - literally means "above" and, appropriately, denotes a high level of respect. While its use is no longer very common, it is still seen in constructions like chichi-ue and haha-ue, reverent terms for one's own, or someone else's, father and mother, respectively...
...Hime - is the Japanese word for princess or a lady of higher birth. Note that although "princess" is usually given as the translation, daughters of a monarch are actually referred to by other terms. The word hime initially referred to any beautiful female...

...If I do not know you well I will refer to you as san or sama. When we get to know eachother on better terms then I will refer to you as kun or san and on occasion Hime. I prefer not to use Chan however will with certain people ^^...

...Something about me...
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....I don't get on as much as I'd like any more and for that I apologize. My sister on here would be Deidara kun. She is an interesting person however pleasant to be around. Treat her with respect and you have nothing to worry about. I enjoy other people's company, conversing and meeting new people however I detest cussing and foul language. If you prefer to use such language then I would appreciate it if you not do so while on my page or my sister's....

...Break Me Down...
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...A very well put together Final Fantasy video. Worth watching...

...Uchiha Itachi...
Posted on: March 9, 2008, at 06:58:30pm   [1 comment]
Name: Uchiha Itachi
Age: 21
Blood Type: AB
Height: 175.2 cm
Weight: 57.1 kg
Partner: Kisame Hoshigaki

Bio: Itachi Uchiha is a missing-nin from Konohagakure and is partnered with Kisame Hoshigaki. During his time in Konoha, Itachi's prodigious talents and rapid development into a skilled ninja earned great attention from his family, the Uchiha clan.He eventually began to train under Madara Uchiha in secret, murdering his best friend, Shisui Uchiha, to gain the Mangekyo Sharingan. He soon joined forces with Madara in the massacre of the Uchiha clan, sparing his younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha. Knowing that the blindness brought on by possessing the Mangekyo Sharingan could only be cured by taking the eyes of one's sibling, Itachi spared Sasuke so he could someday take his brother's eyes. Hoping that Sasuke might obtain his own Mangekyo Sharingan by then, Itachi encouraged his younger brother to live hating him and striving to avenge the clan.

Despite his status as a wanted criminal and murderer, Itachi does not display any open enjoyment in violence or combat. Itachi instead prefers to avoid battle or, if that is not possible, end it quickly while exerting as little effort as he can. When he does fight Itachi remains stationary, attacking only in defense and to otherwise avoid damage. He also studies an opponent's movements with his Sharingan eyes, using them to properly assess an opponent's actions and respond accordingly. Itachi is very adept with standard genjutsu, and can trap others within an illusion by merely pointing or looking at them, as well as turn their own genjutsu against them. He is also noted to be extremely fast with his techniques and movements, extending to his hand signs and weaponry as well.

Additionally, with his Mangekyo Sharingan, Itachi can utilize three specialized eye-techniques: Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and the most powerful, Susanoo. With Tsukuyomi, Itachi is capable of trapping his opponent in an illusionary world under his direct control, allowing him to torture them for what seems like days in a matter of moments. Amaterasu allows Itachi to generate black flames at his focal point, which will continue to burn until the target is reduced to ash, and can even burn fire. Finally, Susanoo creates a massive spiritual warrior resembling a yamabushi, which will fight on Itachi's behalf, weilding a shield in its left hand, and in its right, the legendary Totsuka no Tsurugi "The Sword Ten Hands Long"), also known as the Sakenagi Longsword, lit. "Sake Cutter Longsword". The Totsuga no Tsurugi, commonly sheathed in a sake jar held by a third hand growing from Susanoo's right forearm, is an etherial weapon with an enchanted blade capable of sealing anything it pierces in an eternal dream-like illusion, and is described as the perfect counter to Orochimaru's Kusanagi Sword.

Amaterasu - Goddess of the Sun (Heavenly Illumination) Technique, is a Ninjutsu technique which uses the Mangekyou form of the Sharingan eye to create a mysterious black fire. This powerful fire can then be used to cut through a strong barrier and is said to burn for 7 days and 7 nights. Because of the amount of chakra needed to use the technique, it can only be used on a very limited basis daily. Also because it requires Mangekyou to use, not many individuals know of or can wield the technique.

Tsukuyomi - named for the God of the Moon, is a Doujutsu illusion technique which uses the Mangekyou (Kaleidoscope) ability of the Sharingan eye. This highly advanced technique can not be used extensively because of the toll it places on the user. To utilize the illusion, the clan member will look into the eyes of his opponent and cast a Genjutsu spell on them. The spell takes place in the mind of the one affected, while the jutsu is cast the one it was cast upon is at the total mercy of the clan member. The clan member has full control over space and time in the jutsu and can place the one affected through any hell they desire for any length desired. The technique itself only lasts for but a second in reality, but the one affected could have lasted through several days of pain. It is said only a natural born member of the Uchiha Clan can defeat it.

Mangekyou Sharingan - Sharingan is the blood inheritance limit of the Uchiha Clan. The Mangekyou Sharingan is a legendary doujutsu ability which has only emerged in a few clan members in its history. The requirements for gaining the Mangekyou are very controversial in nature. After Uchiha Itachi murdered his best friend Shisui he gained Mangekyou. He told his younger brother Sasuke that to gain the Mangekyou form, he too would have to kill his closest friend. There is still mystery surrounding the eye and the Uchiha clan itself. Itachi told Sasuke that a scroll in their clan shrine reveals the true original purpose of the clan doujutsu; however readers have yet to be told what this secret is. Itachi also told Sasuke that if he also gains the Mangekyou, then there will be three people who could handle it. After the time skip in the series, Hatake Kakashi revealed he had gained a form of Mangekyou, though his eye did not resemble Itachi's. It is unknown if Hatake Kakashi or his eye's original owner Uchiha Obito was this third person.

Usage of the Mangekyou techniques drains quite a bit of a user’s chakra, more so than any other normal technique. The three revealed Mangekyou techniques are the Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and an unnamed technique. Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi are named after mythological deities; they have a sibling named Susanoo. This unnamed third technique may in actuality be this one.

Utakata - is a Genjutsu technique utilized by Akatsuki member Uchiha Itachi. Itachi will start this technique by using only one finger on his right hand. His target does not have to look into his eyes, a glance at the hand itself will be enough. Once inside the illusion, he can control the visions the ninja sees. This illusion can also be used to play on the fears of the target, causing them to see and hear those who they care about degrade them.

Magen • Kyouten Chiten - is a Genjutsu technique unique to the Uchiha bloodline Sharingan holders. Using the copy and counter functions of the Sharingan eye, the Uchiha clan member can stop the sensory spell cast on their body and reverse it back on their opponent.

Bunshin Bakuha (Shadow Clone Explosion) - is a Ninjutsu technique. At first glance the clone appears to be a normal Kage Bunshin, but Itachi can detonate the clone at any time to form a very large explosion

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