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Call me Mys. I'm a Vocaloid loving person who's addicted to the internet and likes to draw.
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VOCALOID, rock, pop, dubstep, trance.
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Posted on: May 3, 2014, at 09:55:19am   [1 comment]
Get 500 FC's

Get 20 AAA'a

Get 4,000,000,000 grandtotal

Get to level 15 MP

Get Overall rank: 1,000
Get Average rank: 1,500

Participate in 1 FFR tournament

Profile design COMPLETE I guess.
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Tim Allen writes at 7:45:59pm on 5/17/15
eight thousand games
incredible ! !
foxfire667 writes at 5:53:52pm on 2/28/15
Hey derp, how are you? Sent the credits.
Tim Allen writes at 2:14:03pm on 10/21/14
MrShasherax writes at 11:41:42am on 4/21/14
Ahh I used 1.75/1.8 on Velocity~
MrShasherax writes at 11:11:32pm on 4/19/14
I play 2.4 spread, but of course R2/3 and Velocity are different so it depends on which you use, of course~
Also, hi. XD
AaronCull writes at 3:56:18pm on 4/17/14
Thank you (:
PrawnSkunk writes at 7:48:32pm on 4/13/14
Oh, hello there. I will stay behind, to gaze at the sun. The sun is a wondrous body. Like a magnificent father! If only I could be so grossly incandescent!
Tim Allen writes at 5:38:03pm on 4/12/14
RARAWR writes at 8:17:05pm on 4/7/14
Just a heads up I am not updating your most recent replay of Lost [Addictia] as of this comment. Yes you were closer to an FC, but the raw was actually lower than the previous replay. Try to aim for cleaner PA's. If you have any questions just drop a comment on my profile or send a PM...RAWR!
Murako writes at 3:41:40am on 3/6/14
Ah hey, sorry, I don't get in here really often~ lol