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Fez is the name, haha. I love it. I have been playing FFR for quite a while now, but my old account... well I forgot the password, oh well. Oakshisto is the name, I like to explore and go to new places, hiking, going in caves, swimming skateing I love to draw, and play Black ops + all the other Call of dutys. I play all fantasy games, and have all the FF games. anything else, ask away. I love to talk :D
FFR-Anime-Weed-Work-Games-Drawing- ++++++ More
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Techno- all Genres Melodic Metal
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Casshern + bleach movies + more
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Been a while
Posted on: May 18, 2011, at 05:00:11am   [1 comment]
Been a long time since i've played, And they've added so much. hope to get to re meet everyone again heh Well, time to relearn spread. hit me up if youd like to play sometime.

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iRollWithGirlz writes...
at 3:27:05pm on 11/30/11
I'm in Oswego manee hit me up on FB! Jerrett Fett
graceluiz62 writes...
at 1:13:28pm on 10/21/11
My name is Grace i saw your profile today and i become interest in you,i will like to be your friend and know more about you, if you accept my friend request, here is my email reply me with my email. (graceluiz62@yahoo.com). so i can give you my picture,
thank you, Grace.
iRollWithGirlz writes...
at 1:41:11pm on 9/20/11
What's goooooooood? Still listen to techno? Ry Legit - Buzz Lightyear, it's dirtier then Haggrid's gooch.
Zindigar writes...
at 10:49:52am on 7/29/11
haha yeah my kat likes to push buttons on me lol. Iv'e been playing wow... cant lvl over 20 on a trial account it's gay. but whatever nice to hear from ya. really it got boring... hmmph :) oh i dont have a myspace any more so this is like the only place i cant talk.soooooo uhhhh peace. find any new and exiting games to play let me know.
Zindigar writes...
at 7:21:42pm on 7/6/11
how ya doin as hyyyyyy a grill cook? lol and my cat wanted to say hy hahaha >,<
Zindigar writes...
at 3:42:12pm on 7/6/11
AY YO!? how'd that rave go?(:
Zindigar writes...
at 2:52:12pm on 6/24/11
ayyye, thank's for the advice... it kinda helped. sound like your doing good for yeself keep it up! thaz awsome. Wish i could come... :():
Zindigar writes...
at 10:55:20am on 6/23/11
yeah it's nice to hear from you 2 man! ineed ether saga advice... like when should i use my tranformation cards? and what to do with the possessor3 things... im clueless? It's a pain to find a friend. im at lvl 32 now. I fear that i suck. lol but if you can help me. whatevers important or anything you might wanna share thated be great!:)
Zindigar writes...
at 2:33:02pm on 6/22/11
yeah ibought ffiv!
Zindigar writes...
at 2:30:30pm on 6/22/11
level 32 now. still havent done the crypt quest. oh and i can move now. lol wierd... im bored.
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