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Random Thoughts
FFR goals
Posted on: October 8, 2016, at 11:03:00am   [1 comment]
SDG every song with a difficulty 65 or below on the 1-120 scale.
Potential sticking points: Revolutionary Etude v2, Wolf By Night, Human in Dreams, Art of the Madness. There's a few others, but those are the big 3 that I haven't really been able to get yet.
10/15 update: A couple 58s and Pretty Green Onions are on the 'evil' list now.

Tokens 1-100.
Potential sticking points: Otaku Speedvibe [Oni] is the big one. Everything else I'm pretty sure I can get, and there's a few songs in the range I could probably AAA, but it'd take a ridiculously fluke-y run for now. P8107 (and other average requiring tokens), Melonman's OP and Nanairopanda v2 are the other ones I'd be concerned with. Disconnected Hardkore is scary too. Having to combo an 83...
17 tokens remaining.

Every song under rank 1,000.
I have a list of 87 (and dropping!) songs I've played, but have a rank above 1k. There's another thousand or so still unplayed. 300, 4 Chord Touhou and Perfect Cherry Storm are the first few in that 87 that I've actively tried and failed to get to sub 1k rank.
10/15 update: Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star and Frictional Nevada join the list of songs I can't seem to drop the rank on.

Are these realistic? I think so. Are these relatively modest goals? I suppose. Do I really care? Not really- never thought I'd hit D5 and yet here I am.

Got 4 Chord Touhou below rank 1,000 on October 11th!
SDG'd Art of the Madness on October 12th with a 9-0-0-0!
Followed immediately by Wolf by Night, Human in Dreams with a 7-0-0-0!
October 17th: Finally worked out how to hit the trill transition in Pretty Green Onions. Gotta switch from (1)(234) playing to index/middle and transition out with left index, right middle, right index, left index+right ring. Awkward, yes, but I managed to AAA the section in isolation. And after losing a 4 clean 1500 notes in to a lag spike, and a AAA to the trill itself, FINALLY got it with a 3 clean that AAAed through the trill!
October 24th: Played a bunch of 1k+ rank songs, got the number down to 23 played songs with a rank above 1000. 6 require a AAA, and 6 of them are going to be pretty rough. Next up: playing my rank 70k+ songs.
October 25th: 1,000 songs left unplayed. I guess it's dropping?
October 26th: Picked off all songs I've played that required a AAA to drop below rank 1,000. 3 left!! (Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star, Perfect Cherry Storm and 300) Also picked up Melonman's OP.

Secret/Purchased songs
Posted on: September 5, 2016, at 09:36:12am   [0 comments]
Windfall of nearly 200k credits from the tournament...and now I'm down to 150k and still need another 64k to purchase all the purchased songs.

Just putting the total credit count I need before binging on purchases here: 214,312.

SmexxxyNoobs Low Level Tourney
Posted on: August 12, 2016, at 05:09:03am   [0 comments]

Don't mind me, just cleaning up space on my profile. Previous contents in the pastebin.

Posted on: August 12, 2016, at 04:59:55am   [0 comments]
Hey, finally found where this was. Hi people reading the random thoughts!

The past two weeks have had a flurry of improvements for me- first I switched my scroll speed from 1.7x to 2.0x and immediately improved my accuracy by a ton, hitting D4 by complete accident. Then today I went for AAAs on a bunch of easy songs (gotta boost that average rank!) and then went for token unlocks. Again, I immediately noticed a huge improvement in my accuracy- blackflags on songs in the 48-52 range, low SDGs on 60s, one try ABCDEath AAA!

I think I'm at about my limit for now though- just don't have the physical speed to improve by much more for a while, I'll settle for having worked my way into D4 and feeling like I actually belong there, albeit on the lower end :P

Comment wall
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 1:05:38am on 10/17/16
Thank you again for your bug report! It appears a kink happened between testing and release, and has been fixed right away. :)
Kawaii025 writes...
at 11:37:13am on 10/8/16
Congrats on your St. Scarhand unlock~ I'm totally not jelly. :p
Sanjixcon writes...
at 11:30:53am on 10/8/16
yeah well ur killin it man, that jump from d4 to d5 is pretty big imo. for some reason i get serious hand pain when playing 60's-70's so i haven't been improving much lately.
Sanjixcon writes...
at 10:41:45am on 10/8/16
nice scarhand unlock :D jeez dude you skill boosted like crazy since the smexxxy tourny
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 1:15:26pm on 10/5/16
Saw you get that FC on Still Blastin [Heavy]. Good job, dude.
SoFast writes...
at 1:48:35pm on 9/15/16
Grats on D5!
Yoshiisland writes...
at 4:11:18am on 9/15/16
That happened to me when I got promoted from D1 to D4 a long time ago. You'll quickly get the hang of D5!
Yoshiisland writes...
at 12:08:02am on 9/15/16
Welcome to the world of D5!
SoFast writes...
at 4:56:33am on 8/12/16
Grats on speedvibe[heavy]!
Winrar writes...
at 1:01:10am on 8/11/16
Grats on getting to D4!
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