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I'm an old man.
I like the yo-yo.
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Good shit!
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Girls gone wild
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lucid dreaming
Posted on: February 1, 2007, at 12:00:14pm   [0 comments]
I made an interesting post in the lucid dreaming ct thread. Here's the link: http://www.flashflas hrevolution.com/vbz/ showthread.php?t=575 41. Be sure to delete the spaces.

Posted on: February 1, 2007, at 06:10:11am   [0 comments]
Check out my overall rank! Also my credits was 53333 earlier.

Your FFR Rank: 11111
Your Credits: 53360
Your Gameplays: 440
Your Grandtotal: 24780562 5

Bow down. Again.
Posted on: December 31, 2006, at 11:32:09pm   [0 comments]
I high scored rose. 4 goods.

Bow down.
Posted on: December 31, 2006, at 01:42:55am   [0 comments]
I high scored Rottel-da-station

I will beat you at FFR!
Posted on: November 20, 2006, at 02:54:30pm   [0 comments]
with my mouse.

Comment wall
Godnick writes...
at 10:05:17pm on 5/31/13
No way, your back!!!
DrRubix writes...
at 3:13:33am on 8/20/07
can you get me destiny v2?
Dynam0 writes...
at 11:15:14pm on 8/17/07
I see you've asked other people already but I use some crappy Dell keyboard, works fine for me
Tayfun writes...
at 8:10:11pm on 8/2/07
yeah it's a good keyboard for sm and ffr
Excite Bike writes...
at 1:48:32pm on 7/16/07
thumbs up
fall_in_a_swamp writes...
at 1:53:44am on 7/14/07
if u get me midnight and starman ill get u all of the reg tokens some skill tokens ur missing and 2,ooo creds
joelw64 writes...
at 2:51:01am on 6/25/07
Thumbs up for action pistol
laylayy_ writes...
at 8:53:26pm on 6/23/07
are you still alive
HammyMcSquirrel writes...
at 7:54:30am on 5/3/07
Check out the "hey a2 sauce" thread. You owe 60k credits >.x
hockeyrules writes...
at 12:06:57am on 2/24/07
wanna br my friend
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