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Here you go..
Posted on: January 6, 2009, at 02:10:24pm   [6 comments]
People that don't believe.. I don't care.. don't believe it if you don't want.. I don't know why I was blacklisted but whatever.. if you get blacklisted for not having videos then that is really big crap.. so I am gonna probably stop playing if that is what is going on here.. anyways.. just watch..

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Kagami_Hiiragi writes...
at 3:28:30pm on 1/25/09
hey how r u?
irionman writes...
at 3:11:06pm on 1/4/09
oh shit. you were blacklisted bud.
NekoGon writes...
at 11:35:33am on 1/4/09
Kagami_Hiiragi writes...
at 12:31:56pm on 1/2/09
nice replays
sonicsp33d writes...
at 1:44:41am on 1/2/09
Why don't you blink? D'=
i love gabba writes...
at 10:38:16pm on 1/1/09
hey there dude,
I'm not still sure if you're BS or not, but I don't really care, if your scores aren't, you're awesome :O
So, what's up?
iCeCuBEz v2 writes...
at 9:12:05pm on 1/1/09
haha that finale score has bs written all over it
[TeRa] writes...
at 6:13:07pm on 1/1/09
How is he well known on SM when none of us ever heard of him ?_?
NSane writes...
at 5:03:00pm on 1/1/09
So apprently your known on Stepmania, I didn't know. My bad for going ahead and judging you right away. Sorry about that, I was mainly just saying that some of the sightreads seem a little whack. So w/e.
Myattboy writes...
at 3:49:06pm on 1/1/09
Nice Job m8! :D
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