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Underemployed 25 year old university graduate with a philosophy degree; eminently twinkish; used to make SM files that some people somewhere at some point liked.
Surpassing people rhetorically, looking beautiful, listening to good music, other
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MarioNintendo writes at 2:55:40pm on 12/12/16
I love your files, dude :) <3 hope to play some more
kmay writes at 6:15:08am on 8/28/16
where are the files you used to make?
hi19hi19 writes at 2:41:06am on 8/28/16
Your files a pretty big inspiration :)
TheThong writes at 3:06:22am on 8/15/16
I thought you were one of my friends. haha. You have a long lost twin in Aus
pedolad writes at 2:35:49pm on 8/8/16
Well fuck. You're like one of the main reasons why I started stepping
pedolad writes at 12:44:38pm on 8/8/16
You're not the iamme the stepped Final Step and Stream of Consciousness?
Sidek writes at 11:38:16am on 5/26/15
in case you didn't read my quote