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K-Kind I-Irresistible A-Amazing N-Nurturing I-In Love with me =) Thank you for staying by my side when I need you the most. Thank you for being in my life and accepting my love for you. I always want to be with you till the day I pass. I love you with everything I have. -[=*I LOVE YOU KIANI! <3 *=]- ~Forever Your Love, Jett~ ------------- <3 -------------
*My one and only Love "KiANi <3" *Having fun and staying happy with Kiani! *I will be her everything! =] *Keeping Kiani happy no matter how troublesome it may be to me. Its never troublesome. *Alway being there for her even when she doesn't need me. *Loving her with all my heart cause I really do, even if she may not completely see it. *I would never give her up cause I really Love her. -=-<3-=- I AM COMPLETELY DEVOTED TO HER ! -=-<3-=-
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I like music. =]
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*Wall-E *I should watch more movies with Kiani sometime. =]
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600 FC's YAY!
Posted on: February 8, 2009, at 04:45:17pm   [0 comments]
yep I'm at 600 FC's and rising lol. Yay for me! =]
=]=]=]I LOVE KIANI!=]=]=]

400 AAA's and going. =)
Posted on: January 5, 2009, at 07:58:23pm   [0 comments]

I made my marker of 400 AAA's today on Bury me on the Jedi Battlefield. I'm one step closer to getting on the top 100 AAA's list. YAY! XD

"I <3 U Kiani! lol"

YAY! Finally at 500 FCs! =)
Posted on: December 30, 2008, at 05:34:16pm   [0 comments]
YAY! I'm stoked to finally have almost every full combo on FFR! AWESOME! XD

Made it to 100 AAA's XD Yay!
Posted on: October 19, 2008, at 02:05:03am   [1 comment]
I'm happy since its my first time getting 100 AAA's in such a short period of time lol. I made this account for my girlfriend and I think its coming along really nicely. I think i'm just going to keep AAAing things and maybe by next week i can get to 200! XP I LOVE YOU KIANI! <3

Comment wall
dragonseal28 writes...
at 5:30:17pm on 10/29/11
Life goes on but never forget the memories.
ILOVEJETT writes...
at 5:21:35pm on 10/12/09
Why do you have a snarling daschund?
and why do you have pics of honey?
ILOVEJETT writes...
at 5:15:43pm on 10/12/09
*POUNCE* Hey go to room with a level 9
im in there
or look at my last MP songs played
Kalanicc writes...
at 5:46:46pm on 9/14/09
ok im on so i guess make a room
Sprite- writes...
at 12:25:59am on 8/20/09
no i've had it for a while ;p
l u l l a b y writes...
at 10:44:18pm on 7/30/09
i still live here on the big island. i actually live like a block away from j hara store so i must have been getting off of the bus. are you going to college now?
halomasterman writes...
at 12:20:37am on 7/30/09
Hack yeah, MP does sound fun. What would be a good time to play? Also thanks!
l u l l a b y writes...
at 8:46:51pm on 7/27/09
mmm.. i'm pretty good.
oh who is walter? i don't remember him at all.
halomasterman writes...
at 1:57:51pm on 7/19/09
Wanna play MP sometime, also im sorry for not replying I finally gotten a new computer because my PC was fucked up pretty bad
Popstar486 writes...
at 5:41:35pm on 6/25/09
thnx 4 the vote. how r u?
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