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riotxgirlxo writes...
at 11:56:46pm on 7/13/07
im in thunderbay, msn doesnt work and i cant post on facebook, YAY haha anyways if you get this msg me back or txt sometime. :) byee.
riotxgirlxo writes...
at 9:26:32pm on 6/6/07
hey hun
= ) stop ignoring me or die haha
riotxgirlxo writes...
at 9:28:34pm on 5/31/07
hey, hey you. get friggen home before i go to bed or else they'll be hell to pay for making me go to class tomorrow
riotxgirlxo writes...
at 7:07:40pm on 5/29/07
well considering you butts attached to you.. and im not allowed to go near it, i guess i just wont come near you
riotxgirlxo writes...
at 9:39:01pm on 5/28/07
you're wonderful. i missed you today, im going to get better soley to see you around school again :) and kick your butt
riotxgirlxo writes...
at 7:14:50pm on 5/27/07
hey, you <3

you're amazing
riotxgirlxo writes...
at 1:17:07pm on 5/26/07
it was a pretty lonely sleep without you
riotxgirlxo writes...
at 10:59:50pm on 5/21/07
i cant wait
riotxgirlxo writes...
at 10:59:08pm on 5/21/07
maybe i dont wanna listen to you, BLAHHH
riotxgirlxo writes...
at 10:58:27pm on 5/21/07
you'd better. or ill come to your house and molest you in your sleep :)
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