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psst...=w= [btw i am taikaishi~!!^~^] I will try to love ... FFR, some music, Osu! , Erotic / etch / MOE / coterie game [More ..], [enter now ...] game, ANIME! , Play art / drawing, skating, / drum manga (mainly drums), furrys, the transformation guitar only (bit ... lol ^ ~ ^), Free Running, Suspended just ... (But I do just about everything [If you can be for everyone, I will be first tsundere ...] man I, then, added ... me wanna I can ...) and you can continue the further damage like what story ... but happen to think I person to ask in the fist first to either, it does not explain the risk, I have settled down a little, I count the 3-4 years you are not fighting ... But [cheers = W = for me], some friend of topics ... [I can get shy a little, why .... I wonder of the topics I am I so certain the blush on the type of these? Tend to say] I try to continue the path yet to come I'll be used to stop embarrassing is through things [them ...] the one to be worried about would be the best it! I love it for others to believe the mistakes and my choice and all my friends, so ... help Goto the light on at the end of the tunnel and bridge, I will help me, you will walk with me in the paradise for me. .. For luck to me in my journey ~!^~^
私が好き... FFR、いくつかの音楽をしようと、大須!、エロ/エッチ/ MOE/同人ゲーム[その他..]、ゲーム[今...に入る]、ANIME!、芸術/描画、スケート、/ドラム(主にドラム)マンガ、furrys、変態ギターを弾く(ビット...笑^〜^)ただ、パルクール、ちょうど吊り...(しかし、私はちょうどすべてについて行うことができます...)とIたい追加...私は男だ[ツンデレはみんなのためにすることができた場合、私が最初になる...]私は、その後、さらなるダメージを継続するか、リスクを説明しないまず拳で頼む人です私が思うに何のような話が起こる...しかし、私は少し落ち着いてきた、私は戦っていない3-4年とカウント... [私のための万歳= W=]しかし、私は特定のでちょっと内気得ることができますトピック...[私の友人の何人かは、私はなぜ疑問に思う....私はトピックのこれらのタイプに赤面?言う傾向にある]それは[それらのものを介して恥ずかしいさ...]気になる方を停止することが最善であろうと私はよ私はこれからだパスを継続しよう!私はすべての私の友人と私の選択と過ちを信じて他人のためにそれを愛し、私は私の橋やトンネルの終わりに上に光を後藤役立つ...ので、私を手助けし、私にとってはその楽園に私と一緒に歩くだろう。..私の旅〜で私に幸運を祈って!^〜^
Fav Music:
i have alot of =w=
Fav Movies:
eh...some here and there...T3T
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_Fluttershy_ writes...
at 8:39:01am on 1/19/15
Well, I felt like shit a lot last year and I'm trying hard to maintain my optimism that I had towards the end of last year into this year.
_Fluttershy_ writes...
at 3:53:21pm on 1/18/15
Yeah, I'm good thanks. Being optimistic heh! :D
_Fluttershy_ writes...
at 6:59:08pm on 1/12/15
Hey man! How's it going?
thedarkknightrising writes...
at 5:35:07pm on 1/8/15
XelNya writes...
at 3:21:40am on 1/5/15
YoshL writes...
at 3:19:25pm on 12/25/14
YoshL writes...
at 8:14:29am on 12/25/14
and sold to the loli in a christmas hat!
thedarkknightrising writes...
at 6:32:55am on 12/22/14
really? o.o
thedarkknightrising writes...
at 11:02:08pm on 12/18/14
^^...wut..(didn't read)
thedarkknightrising writes...
at 12:09:50am on 12/17/14
LOLOL that's why my background is eyes....not really....but it kinda work with my avi lmao
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