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Posted on: October 28, 2013, at 03:45:53am   [0 comments]
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ilikexd writes at 8:20:16pm on 10/28/13
ilikexd writes at 12:02:06pm on 10/28/13
just your replays look ridiculous at where you're accurate/not and you split 2 quads in the same exact way at the end of la camp
ilikexd writes at 11:55:13am on 10/28/13
butwhy though those scores are bade
ilikexd writes at 11:51:25am on 10/28/13
PrawnSkunk writes at 3:46:06am on 10/28/13
haha! well, welcome to the insanity we call ffr. i'll be your guide. keep your hands inside the ride and do not feed the birds, ducks or DossarLX ODI's.
PrawnSkunk writes at 3:33:21am on 10/28/13
it is a truly brutal and fantastic file (that is if you are into educational jumptrill mashing). speaking of which, you seem to be flipping out some sick-nasty scores on some brutal charts. I guess new players are skillboosting harder than ever these days :)
PrawnSkunk writes at 3:27:24am on 10/28/13
have you tried icyworld's Hero From The Past chart?
PrawnSkunk writes at 3:20:32am on 10/28/13
great song
justin_ator writes at 6:26:36am on 10/26/13
justin_ator writes at 5:43:43am on 10/26/13
Well that's sweet of you
come over bb