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skateboarding, football, basketball, bringing humor, video games, chatting, did i already say video games?
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t pazolite, celldweller, evanescence, skillet
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awesome scary and perverted movies;)
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Tattsu writes at 5:10:41am on 3/17/13
sooo cute :)
incognero420 writes at 11:45:52am on 7/17/12
hey my name is mike u dont know me but im looking for firends to play with me on here
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes at 4:04:01am on 7/5/12
Thanks for vote
SlayerApocalypse666 writes at 12:05:51am on 7/5/12
lmao o. ure pic.
GotSkittles writes at 11:55:57pm on 7/4/12
up for FF, buttttt down with X-2 xD
Mr.Moonlight writes at 11:11:57pm on 7/4/12
That backgrounds way easier on the eyes. I was literally just on yer page a few minutes ago. Forgot to vote then was like... OH SNAP! then came back.
PurpleNinja614 writes at 4:18:12am on 6/18/12
nah man. but i go down there to visit dad all the time lol :P
roulder4628 writes at 11:18:49pm on 6/16/12
np ^^
21992 writes at 10:17:06pm on 6/16/12
ha lol good point
Elite Ninja writes at 4:00:10pm on 6/16/12
Thanks haha. I wasn't the one who made it though. Emithith was the one who did a great job with it ^^