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Goldenwind writes...
at 4:02:55am on 3/22/15
Check your profile.
Zeboim writes...
at 7:34:15am on 3/18/15
There is an extremely low chance u will ever read this, but unfortunately this is sort of the only possible way that i can think of ever contacting u... it has been a long long time and I know u haven't logged in in three years, and u probably dont think about me, or perhaps don't care, and its all good cause I dont hold anything other than curiosity for you, and for an english teacher my grammar is horrible, but it is probably cause I think this will never work, and I had some vodka, but I just wanted to say hi. I still think of you and wonder how you are doing from time to time. If u ever see this, maybe send a me a shout if you dare :P
MarioNintendo writes...
at 10:10:49pm on 11/14/11
Oh, I never gave you a thumbs up :O I'm 3 years late, sorry. You're the one who made the song that got me hooked to FFR.
Sidek writes...
at 4:24:54pm on 7/26/11
No Problem :)
Sidek writes...
at 9:11:53am on 6/11/11
Nice stepfiles for SM :)
flashpantss writes...
at 11:24:39pm on 11/14/10
Thank you for the fun in the MP Beta! Maybe we can have the pleasure of playing each other again.
wargasm1 writes...
at 3:04:44pm on 10/18/10
lol thank u for having the same rank 2600 problem as me, now i dont have to feel so lonely.
-kiss- writes...
at 10:02:16pm on 11/10/09
*Kitty tail flick*
Stop getting FCs and AAAs D:! :P
Btw. You just lost the game. Again.
<3 you!~
-kiss- writes...
at 6:54:26pm on 9/30/09
*Kitty pounce*
You just lost the game!
Hardstyl3 writes...
at 8:58:52pm on 6/20/09
I need help making a simfile
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