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blindhollander writes...
at 8:31:36pm on 9/18/14
Lol just in time for registration for the tourny ;)
I think my highest comfortable AAA is around high 30 right now, becuase on a HARD 46 i got 16 good, and with 60's i can get under 50 ish good's on most songs now ^_^
how you doing lately?
Sorie writes...
at 12:36:07pm on 9/18/14
Thank you! I still have a lot of freedom for getting better scores, it's just a matter of finding the time to get there. Too many songs. xD
blindhollander writes...
at 9:23:17pm on 9/17/14
Slowly but surely, AAA'ing every D2 song for pycho's tourny ;)
Sorie writes...
at 8:02:38pm on 9/13/14
aww, I was looking forward to see you in the tournament. Busy with life?
blindhollander writes...
at 4:16:00pm on 9/13/14
its the D2 song for pycho's one divison higher song, im trying to go for a SDG on a 46 far not looking to good :P
blindhollander writes...
at 10:03:30pm on 9/11/14
:D even though its a 25, i finally AAA'ed a song ...that is my highest AAA to date ^_^
Tim Allen writes...
at 2:55:05am on 9/7/14
Sgt. Traveler writes...
at 11:44:15pm on 9/5/14
GoldknightX writes...
at 12:43:05am on 9/2/14
Hey man, I made a new channel on youtube with a name change and moved over all my videos here you go:
I'll be keeping my other channel as it is without changing anything but my new uploads and updates will be from the new channel from now on.
CDCan writes...
at 7:50:12pm on 8/27/14
godnick is currently online, however he has not logged and games and is therefore not playing flash flash revolution
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