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Location:Eugene, Oregon, USA
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Godnick's Gameplay Stats Today
1651 / 1954
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1165 / 1500
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About me:
Generally optimisitc, heartfelt and hopeful.
New ideas and ways of looking at things, stepping songs, helping others, puzzle and action games.
Fav Music:
High quality sounds. Lately have been likeing dubstep, chiptune, metal, classical and energetic pieces.
Fav Movies:
Some high quality well made productions in general. Fantasy, science fiction and documentaries.
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- Unlocked Tier 4!
- FFR 9th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
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awein999 writes...
at 10:32:45am on 6/26/19
appreciate the kind words!
Sanjixcon writes...
at 8:03:30pm on 6/4/19
:D yeeee
Antori writes...
at 3:55:03pm on 5/2/19
mrpreggers writes...
at 1:19:38pm on 4/2/19
Andy_M writes...
at 6:52:56am on 3/8/19
Thanks man I appreciate it.
CDCan writes...
at 6:40:06am on 3/8/19
back open for business !
Sanjixcon writes...
at 12:43:02am on 2/18/19
how do u jumpstream so fast :o that thinking of you is nuts
mrpreggers writes...
at 12:28:28pm on 2/15/19
Thank you Mario!
But now.
Hurry up motherf*cker!
Blackskull305 writes...
at 2:25:45am on 2/12/19
Jesus, sick Thinking of You score man; keep it up!!
Sanjixcon writes...
at 11:41:16pm on 2/10/19
yooo man i didn't even notice we're both from oregon :DD
dude ur the #1 ranked player from oregon lol
then jerry db at #2 and i'm #3
unless i missed some random person on the leaderboards xD
oh and that grind4........ o_O beast
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