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CDCan writes...
at 8:46:16pm on 4/14/14
sup wit chew? where you been? whats new?
CDCan writes...
at 8:46:01pm on 4/14/14
Just been smashing keys and working. Im starting to get a tiny bit better at js.
GoldknightX writes...
at 9:00:52pm on 4/10/14
The channel is just my name by the way, Chris Montague:
GoldknightX writes...
at 8:57:45pm on 4/10/14
Nick, where have thou been? I started a youtube channel recently if you're wondering what's up with me, it's not very impressive thus far lol. I am interested to hear what you've been doing, probably more exciting than anything I would be doing.
Xx{Fallen}xX writes...
at 3:06:50am on 4/10/14
Nope, i mostly play stepmania these days. But i still play sm every week so im not that out of practice. I might start playing ffr again if i can find the motivation to play.
drizzleRomanceGirl writes...
at 3:05:14am on 4/10/14
By the way, how have you been?
drizzleRomanceGirl writes...
at 3:04:24am on 4/10/14
Thank you very much; I love this painting too. :) I caught a glimpse of the picture in Google Images and decided it would make a terrific profile background. The painting reminds me of the softening feeling I get when I'm a passenger in a car in the middle of the night, and I close my eyes while sensing the illumination of the streetlights that pass by every few seconds...
CDCan writes...
at 10:13:22pm on 4/4/14
Where oh where is the godnick
axith writes...
at 10:05:27pm on 4/3/14
Hey, long time no talk. Hope everything's going well.
drizzleRomanceGirl writes...
at 6:01:53pm on 3/8/14
I really like your new profile colors. :)
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