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axith writes...
at 11:12:26pm on 10/19/14
I just got back from a convention. I still have some time, though an 8g cutoff is going to be tough. Thanks for the encouragement. Hope things moving forward for you.
Lambdadelta writes...
at 10:18:05pm on 10/14/14
Once I get my HS Diploma I intend on heading to post secondary for in a scientific background perhaps try and major in biology or physics, I love science so much and I've never felt such a huge calling for a lifestyle in my entire life but only the future will tell where I'll be 10 years from now.
Yeah the sleep issue is similar for me I usually stay up all night and sleep till afternoon, I mean when you have nothing but a computer screen to wake up to every day for 3 solid fucking years you kind of get bored and days go by faster during the night.
Lambdadelta writes...
at 9:38:27pm on 10/14/14
Damn man sounds like you've had a hell of a run over 2 years time I'm glad to hear you're in the stages of recovery, It's never easy to stop something once you've had it going for a good while but enough about that :P
I've been fairly good, Taking some new medications to help me sleep at night which seem for the most part are doing their job, I've been out of school for 3 years now but I dropped out but I have plans to return since I'm in the process of getting my transcript and intend on returning by the new year if possible.
Lambdadelta writes...
at 11:31:46am on 10/14/14
Yeah AJ said I've clocked in 700 games since sign ups and that's a good probability of why I've skillboosted so fast.
How you been man I havn't spoken to you in what seems like ages!
RB_Spirit writes...
at 1:33:33am on 10/12/14
Eyyyy let's go nick! Top 8 D6 #1???!!
Tim Allen writes...
at 4:20:01am on 10/11/14
good on you for improving your score
aaa is coming soon ! ! !
Tim Allen writes...
at 9:03:58am on 10/7/14
mantits original joke by me
axith writes...
at 10:58:40pm on 10/5/14
Any reason for the mantids?
CDCan writes...
at 9:37:28pm on 10/5/14
fuk….FINE day
CDCan writes...
at 9:37:02pm on 10/5/14
Godnick is online, however he has not logged a play on this find day.
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