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Pretentious writes...
at 8:08:15pm on 7/23/14
axith writes...
at 7:18:29pm on 7/23/14
The funny thing is that the D5B squad is crushing the D5A squad on these lower ranked songs. I figure it's a tourny to help place people for the official. OWA hosted one last time right before the official, so I guess it's going to be tradition.
axith writes...
at 2:27:30pm on 7/18/14
Psychoangel's hosting a tourney. Cumulative scoring, 3 day rounds, starting tomorrow. You should get in on it if you have the opportunity. :D
GoldknightX writes...
at 6:33:36pm on 7/16/14
Tell me how that's coming...I seem to be burning out on this game but I'm trying to hang in there XD.
skism writes...
at 11:28:10am on 7/13/14
derka derka
mreow_ writes...
at 9:03:36pm on 7/12/14
Its going alright just chillin, and trying to enjoy my day
mreow_ writes...
at 12:37:43pm on 7/10/14
Hey you with the face
GoldknightX writes...
at 7:52:56pm on 7/3/14
..4 Parts down now :D
GoldknightX writes...
at 5:08:51pm on 7/2/14
I am back at recording on my youtube channel again. I'm playing Marlow Briggs, I'm hoping I can get through recording it all by the end of next week.
axith writes...
at 10:21:33pm on 6/29/14
Hey look! A file I can probably unlock scarhand[heavy] on!
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