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GoldknightX writes...
at 12:23:00am on 4/17/15
Oh and I tried FFR again and apparently it runs even more like shit than before, tried all the suggestions to improve how smoothly the songs and ran and it fixed exactly nothing every single time so I'm kind of avoiding this game again.
GoldknightX writes...
at 11:40:42pm on 4/16/15
Sorry, meant to reply to your message sooner, I've just been busy as fuck, and I spend pretty much all the free time I get playing games with my new graphics card :P.
jarsh writes...
at 7:11:51am on 4/16/15
Hey Godnick. How's it going? Im hoping to return to ffr in the near future. I miss all of my friends on here.
mrpreggers writes...
at 2:34:55pm on 4/15/15
ye more like TrashTrashRevoPOOtion
awein999 writes...
at 4:43:16am on 4/15/15
mrpreggers writes...
at 7:23:22am on 4/13/15
mrpreggers writes...
at 9:22:41pm on 4/7/15
ZehmAnon writes...
at 6:05:57am on 4/6/15
eyi doant wuunt eet! >:c
ZehmAnon writes...
at 12:41:47pm on 4/4/15
I hate doing this... I will not pay you back that far into the game, I will pay you back whenever I get that amount of credits back. I'll try to farm on spin it up, it's pretty easy to get some credits out of that. I'll hurry it up!
I feel terrible for taking this >.<
CDCan writes...
at 8:39:24pm on 4/3/15
game good nickgod !
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