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Posted on: March 6, 2019, at 11:49:21pm   [0 comments]

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mrpreggers writes...
at 6:46:56pm on 10/5/19
Gratz on second place you're the new GOAT
axith writes...
at 9:45:42pm on 10/2/19
I'll be sure to set up SM/Etterna in the next week or so then.
One more question, are the SM resources random thought your files, or just stuff you like?
axith writes...
at 2:22:21pm on 10/2/19
So have you been improving on SM or Etterna then seeing the skillboost on FFR? I'm liking the idea of of getting out of D5 after years of it. I'm willing to take the time to set up SM again if it helps.
Pizza69 writes...
at 4:55:26pm on 10/1/19
woooah grats on d7, when did that happen?? insane scores dude!
Blackskull305 writes...
at 11:44:27pm on 9/30/19
Thanks man ;) WP right back at'cha <3
Antori writes...
at 3:33:12pm on 9/29/19
thanks for always supporting me :D
Antori writes...
at 3:32:48pm on 9/29/19
i use costume skin now so i can have even thinner bars UwU you're one of the few who followed along since i was D1 lol i'll make sure i keep improving so maby one day i can keep you company in multi but it'll probably be a long long time
Antori writes...
at 2:47:06pm on 9/29/19
god-niko (^owo^)
axith writes...
at 7:46:39pm on 9/27/19
Just played the firmament castle. How'd you get 6 goods on that? sick score.
klimtkiller writes...
at 5:03:10pm on 9/27/19
I doubt that will happen lol. not any time soon. that was a v lucky score and im really slow rn. anyways gl with the rest of the tournament, Dr. Rogodnick.
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