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JEZthemaster writes...
at 4:39:40am on 4/1/15
I know I love ffr. i had an account on here before i just forgot my password. my old account is JEZfnm
axith writes...
at 12:03:11am on 3/5/15
I was there. Played against rushyrulz for a while. Fingers wen't loose enough to continue. You missed me by minutes.
piggybutt writes...
at 12:56:55pm on 2/24/15
dude just played it and got a 'decent'score on it lol and wow man that was probably one of the sickest stepfiles's i've played despite the low difficulty
My socks blew of and my pants are damp! i got 2 go now get a another pair of pants
beary605 writes...
at 12:12:53pm on 2/24/15
you took the words right out of my mouth :O!!!!
piggybutt writes...
at 5:54:24am on 2/21/15
pretty cool song*
piggybutt writes...
at 5:53:36am on 2/21/15
thx and yea pretty song but still al bit to hard for me :/ lol
GoldknightX writes...
at 5:33:31pm on 2/20/15
Heyy watch yer poking there man I'm trying to sleep!
piggybutt writes...
at 1:12:05pm on 2/16/15
hahahaha :') i tried to et the skill token OMGWTFT0K3n and i finally got it haha,thx for addin me mate :)
Squirtle x3 writes...
at 12:39:37pm on 2/14/15
I shall continue <3 and soshall you.
I don't really do Valentine's day, I think it is kind of silly to celebrate it.
Squirtle x3 writes...
at 9:28:07am on 2/14/15
Who's 9 year old is it? And honestly I'm happy to hear that! <3
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